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Censorship has been much in the news lately as most major digital communication companies, Facebook, Twitter and Google to name a few, took steps to ban what their management teams considered to be outside the bounds of acceptable speech.

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My mom and dad would return from the voting polls, each laughing and claiming they’d canceled each other’s vote. She, an immigrant from Scotland and naturalized citizen, and he a Mid-Westerner with his boot planted deeply in the traditional values. Voting was equally important to each of them.

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When Vice President Kamala Harris took the oath Wednesday to become America’s second in command, women and little girls all over the country — and the world, for that matter — witnessed history that has been a long time coming.

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I came across comments from a prominent preacher regarding the deplorable condition of young people. He complained they were characterized by “inexperience, indiscretion, immature judgment, uncurbed curiosity, undisciplined appetites and misunderstood passion.”