Details for Texas City G. C. A. S. 3412 Loop 197 N


Texas City G. C. A. S. 3412 Loop 197 N @ Hwy 146 409-948-2485 GCAS.PETFINDER.COM


Closed Sun & Mon

OPEN-Tues & Thurs 12-6

Wed & Fri 12-5 Sat. 10-5


Want a really specially marked cat? Then check out De-De--amazing!! Pansy, Jonah, & Mike are wonderfully attractive in their black "cloaks" over their white shirts, but don't miss golden Simon. Come soon!!

Celeste, Chandler & Deena will keep you entertained as you admire the stripes & "whirls" of their coats. Ames, Taby & Gen offer them some competition!! You'll be delighted when you visit & play with them. Yes, all ages--hurry!!


Boxers, German Shepherds, & Labs are admired & sought as family-oriented breeds--now is your chance to come visit the few who are available right now!! Hope you are lucky enough to come soon and get one!!

From Big Mastiff mixes to small Dachsund mixes--they were waiting for you. And there are a couple of Pitt Bull mixes with great reports who were raised around children. There's even a Husky hoping to be loved again--don't wait!!

Volunteers/Fosters are

always needed and

appreciated. Please call for info on how you can help.




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