Details for Blanchard Refining Company LLC

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Notice of Variance from Classification as a Solid Waste
APPLICATION. Blanchard Refining Company LLC (Blanchard) has applied to the Texas
Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for a variance from classification as a solid waste
for a partially reclaimed material. The material is from the on-site reclamation of spent
catalysts having the EPA hazardous waste code, K171 or K172, generated at Blanchard
Refining’s Galveston Bay Refinery located at 2401 5th Avenue South, Texas City in Galveston
County, Texas when the material is sent off-site for further reclamation. If approved, the
material would no longer be regulated as a solid waste when further reclaimed as provided by
Title 30 Texas Administrative Code Section 335.19(c). TCEQ’s Executive Director has made a
preliminary decision to approve the application and drafted a preliminary variance.
PUBLIC COMMENT/PUBLIC MEETING. You may submit public comments or request that the
TCEQ hold a public meeting on this application within thirty (30) days of the date of
publication of this notice. The purpose of a public meeting is to provide the opportunity to
submit comments or to ask questions about the application. TCEQ will hold a public meeting if
the Executive Director determines that there is a significant degree of public interest in the
application or if requested by a local legislator. A public meeting is not a contested case
hearing. After the deadline for submitting public comments, the Executive Director will
consider all timely comments.
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ACTION. The Executive Director may issue a final decision on the
variance after the conclusion of the comment period. Any person affected by a final decision of
the Executive Director may file a Motion to Overturn the Executive Director’s Decision with the
Chief Clerk of the TCEQ. A Motion to Overturn must be filed with the Chief Clerk no later than
23 days after the agency mails notice of the Executive Director’s final action.
AGENCY CONTACTS AND INFORMATION. All public comments and requests must be
submitted in writing to Scott Green, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Permits Section, TCEQ,
MC-130, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087.
The application and draft variance may be viewed or copied at TCEQ headquarters at 12100
Park 35 Circle, Austin, Texas and the TCEQ Region 12 Office at 5425 Polk Avenue, Suite H,
Houston, Texas 77023. Further information may be obtained from Jesse Boultinghouse with
the TCEQ’s Industrial and Hazardous Waste Permits Section by calling (512) 239-6865 or by Email at


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