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Artist Boat is leading Houston-area intermediate students with habitat restoration adventures to Galveston this month. Students will get hands-on learning about the coastal environment by restoring dunes with plant vegetation on the beach along certain areas of the seawall.

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I know many of us look forward to bidding 2020 goodbye and focusing on what’s to come in the new year. That’s also true for the Galveston Park Board. While 2020 presented plenty of challenges, our staff and partners laid the groundwork for some substantial projects that will enhance the live…

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One of the best things about living in Galveston is the wide variety of restaurants to choose from. It’s actually a good thing to have a hard time deciding where to go for lunch.

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Island leaders agree the number of visitors — and the amount of money — that made their way onto the island over the summer weren't as far below normal as they might have been. But many business owners still are facing a fall devoid of the major festivals that help them survive the lean months.