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Few, if any, businesses are unscathed by the coronavirus. But deals are getting done — and undone — and commerce continues. Some retailers and restaurants are forging ahead with planned openings and expansions, although with adjustments and some uncertainty. Some are closed or offering limit…

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Property lines: Vacation rental management is big business on the island, which is buzzing about a major acquisition. Ryson Real Estate & Vacation Rentals has acquired a management portfolio that includes 150 rental homes from Deem Realty. That acquisition gives Ryson, which began in Gal…

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Whether it was by flooding, displaced employees, power, fuel and supply disruptions or curfews, Hurricane Harvey affected businesses across the county — some obviously more than others. In the middle of their own storm recovery efforts — personal and professional — many business owners were …

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For years, I've had a tradition of turning the Biz Buzz tables on readers. Instead of telling you what I know about retailers and restaurants coming to the county and Clear Lake area, I ask you to tell me what you'd like to see.