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PD Hyatt

Many a business are gone because of the insanity of shutting down our economy worldwide, and many jobs will take years to come back. Our elected officials messed up big time by killing our economy over a virus that is no worse than the flu and we do NOT shut down the world when the flu hits do we? What is sad is that all of the fear mongers out there (MSM) did not lose their jobs and continue to draw a paycheck while all of the people and jobs that were forced to shut down are just plain out of luck right now thanks to them.... It is sad that our rights were stolen from us so quickly and We The People just sat there and let it happen!

Gary Scoggin

We can debate the response but not the facts. The Coronavirus is worse than the common flu. It’s not a valid comparison.

Lena Gilley

I agree with Hyatt! State overreacted , put a lot of people of business!!! Open everything back up!

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