Island businessman Mike Dean didn’t sanction the marquee message at one of his Seawall bars that stated: “Jan. 20th Doomsday.” He had no idea it was coming, but he learned about it quickly enough when his phone blew up Wednesday, he said.

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Bailey Jones

lol. It's a free country. You're free to put up political speech on your business, and you're free to enjoy the consequences.

There's a honky-tonk on 146 I drive by regularly with a marquee that says "BAR LIVES MATTER" on one side and "ABBOTT CAN KISS MY [censored]" on the other side. Who doesn't like a memorable marquee?

But a smart businessperson knows better than to advertise their political beliefs. Just ask the My Pillow guy.

Gary Miller

With Biden sworn in MSM now thinks it controls America. They will judge your speach and what you can put on your marquee.

David Hardee

This "Doomsday" incident precipitated another typical reaction from hoodlums who have a demented idea of what it is to allow free speech. It is hoodlums that would act to disrupt a business because the marquee displays a message they find offensive. These are the scourge trolling our society practicing speech that is racist, calls for revenge, turning a blind eye to their brethren burning and looting, and fails to acknowledge that their irresponsible copulating brings a child into the world without nuclear family support is the cycle that has created the generations of ill-prepared for success.

Some refer to this business as stupid to allow the "Doomsday" on the Marquee. As we see the consequence we should applaud the Marquee because it stimulated the swamp creatures to react and be again exposed.

Some things are worth more than money. It is highly improbable any of these malcontent hoodlums would visit the busines,s unless it was to burn it down.

George Laiacona

Marquee advertising is a go way to attract customers especially when they are humorous, but if you decide on politics you may lose half of your intended customers

Wayne D Holt

I don't agree with you often but you are 100% correct here. Dean is smart not to get sucked into taking a political position in his marketing messages. With the country evenly divided, it is a guaranteed losing proposition to do it when you don't have to.

I (and many other conservatives) have dropped a number of brands that insist on lecturing Americans instead of producing quality products are reasonable prices. They are absolutely within their rights to lecture and I will respond by never buying another thing from them.

I had a mom and dad who raised me right, I've been told. I don't need a parasitic conglomerate to force feed me their particular flavor of bias. While I am not averse to the marquee's sentiment, it is better left unsaid if the object is to enhance business.

Speaking of speaking up: Did you see YouTube removed overwhelming amounts of down votes during Biden's first remarks after the inauguration? Negative ratios of up to 11:1 dissing his remarks were massaged down to 2 or 3:1 negative.

How is it possible that someone who enjoyed a wave of popular acclaim can't field enough supporters to avoid embarrassing examples like that? It goes right along with the 30,000 Praetorian Guards billeted in DC to protect our most popular emperor ever from his 2000 adoring fans and 190,000 stand-in flags.

Wayne D Holt

NEWS FLASH UPDATE: After only three days in office the Biden administration has disabled comments on all thirteen videos posted to the official White House YouTube channel, erasing thousands of comments in the process. The White House channel has been under relentless negative commentary from the American people to the point that downvotes were being manipulated to make the Biden videos appear more popular. While the downvotes still wildly exceed the upvotes, all commenting and live chats are now gone.

We're getting off to a fantabulous start on the most transparent presidency ever.

Wayne D Holt

NEWS FLASH UPDATE UPDATER: Instagram has been reported by multiple users to be forcing those who unfollowed the White House account after the inauguration to re-follow the account. Many reports of people who unfollow or even block are now seeing their account back and following, once/twice and some report up to 50 attempts in one day to block or unfollow. It appears Instagram does not want the account to drop below the one million followers mark to shore up Landslide Joe's credibility in the popular eye.

It won't work. Short of just unplugging any dissenters entirely and manufacturing support out of thin air--please see recent election hijinks so not impossible--the effect of what is being attempted is breathtaking in its stupidity. Between the White House ending comments to hide the wave of negativity, the deplatforming of conservative journalists as "domestic terrorists" and the overall impression we have a Weekend at Bernie's president who needs to be propped up to appear viable, the effort is now in reverse.

I think I have discovered the New Silent Majority. It's the 81 million voters who supposedly ran into Landslide Joe's arms. Their voice has grown silent now. Perhaps history's most rapid case of buyer's remorse.

Carlos Ponce

In the early 1990 when dog racing was passed, my father placed on the Ideal Lumber Company's marquee on Stewart Road "GALVESTON COUNT IS GOING TO THE DOGS!" It drew a lot of attention, a few chuckles and a few angry calls. The majority of the calls asked, "What do you mean by that?"

Carlos Ponce

In the early 1990s when dog racing was passed, my father placed on the Ideal Lumber Company's marquee on Stewart Road "GALVESTON COUNTY IS GOING TO THE DOGS!" It drew a lot of attention, a few chuckles and a few angry calls. The majority of the calls asked, "What do you mean by that?"

Ted Gillis

I have a neighbor who still has a “TRUMP 2020 F... YOUR FEELINGS” flag flying from his front porch. Not many chuckles here, but hey he has the right do what he pleases on his on property.

(Unless of course there is as city ordinance against it)

David Hardee

And Ted's phrase "(Unless of course there is as city ordinance against it)" is exactly what the buffoons that currently occupy the white house will do. Colluding between the big tech and this Biden administration has produced censoring of conservatives. They have removed national guardsmen because they researched their background and determined the guardsman's politics did not meet liberal requirements. They are attacking linguistics and removing pronouns because they are gender-specific and therefore offensive. These acts are antithetic to the free speech, morality, and all the tenets of the freedoms we have enjoyed as citizens of the USA.

The USA and its society has been under attack from the conglomeration of malcontent tribes occupying the progressive liberal big tent for 50 years. Now through the increase of aliens to the traditions, they have reached a number to represent a power base able to complete with impunity the destruction of all that made America Great. The swamp and its creatures are relishing, along with China, the victory over the best hope of humanity, the attempt to MAGA.


Jennifer Lance


Ted Gillis

Well David, my parenthesized comment wasn’t intended to be that grandiose, but your are welcome to expound on it as you see fit.

My comment was intended as a dig at recent state republican efforts to reduce the ability of municipal governments to govern and pass ordinances that affect their own citizens.

I guess I should be more specific when I’m being snide.

David Hardee

Ted, I would gladly join in a restriction on all FEDERAL government acts to pass more laws period. Intrusions in personal lives is definitely NOT the prevue of the FEDERAL government.. It is the amendments to the Constitution that specified and isolating persons and actions that has produced trauma in our society. Recall prohibitions results and eventually being repealed. The same has befallen society with the CIVIL RIGHTS amendments (six revisions) that specific identify and consequently segregate our society. Entitlements for one is a restriction to all others and a source of exclusion of liberty for all. Benevolence is a society right locally. once called CHARITY. Out of the FEDERAL came the Mason Dixon line conflict that created the CIVIL WAR. The current mandates etc. out of the FEDERAL are creating a frenzy in society that is bloodying the cities of the north where democratic progressive liberals have declared law and order is an individual's right to decide which qualifies as right or wrong. Soon the restraint of the conservatives will be exhausted and your and my HOME's will be in danger.

How, Ted do you react to the FEDERAL intentions to remove all pronouns because they are RACIST. Does that not only restrict free speech but actually ties your tongue. Please respond.


Kris Graves

It is called freedom of speech....i found it humorous. However those thousands who lost good paying jobs with keystones pipeline and with the wall this week...are likely NOT laughing. Would you if your job was just obliterated by the government who is suppose to be working for US??

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