What do bananas, BMWs and bulldozers have in common? All are breakbulk cargoes that move through the Port of Galveston.

In 2018, breakbulk made up 27 percent of the 4.1 million tons of cargo that passed through the port and generated $7.7 million in port revenue. The port collects revenue every time a piece of cargo moves across our docks and when we store cargo in our laydown yards.

Rodger Rees is port director and CEO for the Port of Galveston.

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Charlotte O'rourke

Breakbulk cargo needs to be a significant part of the Master Plan, and I’m glad it is going to be addressed. New cargo opportunities have been vastly overshadowed by cruise discussions during public presentations.

This Tuesday the port will have a meeting on its budget. Over the last 20 years, the port frequently proclaims RECORD operating revenues. Increasing the port operating revenues is not the issue. The issue is the failure to leverage those increased revenues for capital improvements, deferred maintenance and major infrastructure repair.

Instead, past managers have used the funds for raises, bonuses, benefits, cruise terminal improvements, and increased operating expenses.

Once again management will have an opportunity to change its past course and actually achieve major infrastructure improvements instead of talk,talk,talking about it. I’ve heard TALK about slip fills for 20 years.

The port is showing record net profits, but it can do better if it holds operating expenses.

As a fiscal conservative, the failure to hold expenses and control top management salaries at the local level (city, port, Park Board) is a major problem. These top tier salaried positions outpace cumulative inflation and limit the ability to provide new projects and jobs for front line workers that don’t encompass stagnant wages.

How many management positions in our city make more than our Texas governor?

Here’s hoping the port starts substantive discussions on capital improvements and fiscal accountability instead of slam dunking the budget in its usual superficial way.P

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