New Jersey Gov. gets thin

Recently, Christie revealed that he had lap band surgery earlier this year and has lost 40 pounds. This is a photo of Christie before the surgery. This is a photo of the governor from a few weeks ago.

Welcome to my Fatboy series. This is a chronicle of my journey after weight loss surgery in January 2012 at the University of Texas Medical Branch Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.

Three months ago, I took New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to task for his appearance on David Letterman for making claims that he was the “healthiest fat guy you've ever seen in your life.”

He also pulled out a donut and scarfed it down.

I called him out because that’s what I used to say when I was 400-plus pounds and not doing a damn thing about my weight.

Well, guess what?

Last month, the governor acknowledged he had weight loss surgery. He had lap-band surgery on Feb. 16, which was shortly after his Letterman experience.

Christie figures that he’s lost about 40 pounds since the surgery. He recently said that he still doesn’t like vegetables despite the appetite suppression.

Neither do I, by the way.

I am glad Christie did something. I’m not one of those people who will claim I am glad he did it for his own health.

I could care less whether New Jersey’s governor is healthy or not. He could drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow and I would only care that we got the story in the paper on our national news page.

I’m glad he took the step towards some form of healthier living because of the example it set for the public and because his wife and kids reportedly told him they were concerned about his health.

If anything, my journey has taught me is that as a public figure — and for sure not a prominent as Christie is — my discussion about my weight and struggles has served as a motivation to others.

As Christie eyes his political future and a possible presidential run, his weight will for sure be a topic and maybe as he looks to get healthier it will serve as a motivation too.

My offer still stands though governor, feel free to join me at my YesICanGetFit-TransforME for one of our Saturday workout sessions. They’ll wave the fee because you’ll be my guest.


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(4) comments

Miss Priss

I'd vote for Christie for President in 2016 - fat or not! It's time for someone scrappy to be president - who will fight and not give a crap what party affiliation you are..... He can get fit but I hope he doesn't lose his edge.

Kevin Lang

TJ, your statement, "I could care less whether New Jersey’s governor is healthy or not. He could drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow and I would only care that we got the story in the paper on our national news page" comes off as a bit harsh to me. I think I understand your point, that you're glad he did it for his family and to set a good example for the public. However, I'd hope that you'd have a little more compassion for him.

On a lighter note, what are your plans for this year's Press Run? Are you going to do it backwards this year, or in a handstand?

Rich Gray

TJ, I live 2000 miles away but I read this paper DAILY!
I applaud you for what you have done! I wish I could join one of your Saturday sessions but it is just not going to happen until we retire there! By then you will be at your goal weight I'm sure.
You ARE an inspiration to more people that you know. I have lost 86 pounds (73 since last September). No surgery, just calorie counting and an increased activity level. Your Fatboy articles have helped!
Thanks for sharing your story and your actions with us readers. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!

Gary Scoggin

Actually I thought the donut gag on Letterman was kind of funny. But, I too am glad Christie is taking the steps needed to transform his health. So, good for him. And good for you, TJ, good for me, and good for others that are trying to get our lives back in control by getting our bodies back in control.

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