I feel like a big-box store putting out Christmas decorations before Halloween is even over when I say that Fall is around the corner! Fall in Galveston is full of great festivities such as festivals and FUN runs. One of the greatest fun runs is the Daily News Press Run in September!

A fun run/walk in September means that we need to train in the heat of the summer to prepare for it. Chances are high that Sept. 12 will be hot, so even if you choose not to train smart for this event, it’s best to train your body to handle the higher temperatures. As a run coach and organizer of USA FIT Galveston, I encourage persons of ALL skill levels to hydrate smart at all times and to fuel your body for success

1. Rule of thumb:Consume a few sips of liquid (4-5 ounces) every 15-20 minutes of activity. A lighter person exercising in cooler weather may only need 16-18 ounces per hour. Larger persons or those exercising in hot, humid conditions — like Galveston — might require up to 28 ounces. Your body not only loses fluids through sweat, but also through respiration and basic bodily functions. Any amount of dehydration can have serious negative effects on your brain and body

2. If you exercise outdoors for more than 30 minutes at a time, please consider carrying hydration with you. You can train your body to use fluids effectively just as you train your muscles for the miles

3. Consider an electrolyte supplement when training or racing in the heat, humidity or for prolonged exercise. “Electrolyte replenishment” does not mean “salt replenishment.” Salt contains two electrolytes: sodium and chloride. Our bodies also require calcium, magnesium and potassium to function properly. The two electrolyte supplements we carry at Fit TRI Run replenish the minerals you need and also provides other vital nutrients. It really is amazing how much of a difference these electrolyte supplements make! Bonus: they don’t have sugars, calories or carbs

Overhydrating: It is possible to consume too much water. There are volumes of medical studies addressing hyponatremia (low blood sodium concentration). The general message is: listen to your body. Drink when you are thirsty. Don’t force yourself to drink more water if you feel “full of water.”

Watch out for signs of confusion, nausea, fatigue, vomiting and swollen hands and feet. If you experience these symptoms while exercising, seek medical attention. Pay attention to your fluid intake, as many symptoms of hyponatremia mirror those of dehydration.

Join us in the Daily News Press Run and be ready! Whether you are choosing the 5K or 10K and if your kids are participating in the 1K, get outside and get acclimated. Drink water throughout the day — everyday — and hydrate smart during exercise sessions. If your training sessions leave you fatigued for the rest of the day or for a couple of days, come see us at Fit TRI Run- we may have solutions for you.

AAs I stated above, I encourage persons of all skill levels to hydrate smart at all times and to fuel your body for success. After all, walking and running should be fun! And who puts the fun in “fun run?” We all do!

Bachmeir is the owner of FIT TRI RUN in Galveston.

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