A letter Judge Christopher Dupuy sent more than a year ago to Jason Murray urges the former Galveston County District Clerk to resign "with as much dignity and class that can be had."
 Dupuy's arrest last week on felony and misdemeanor charges follows Murray's in 2011. Both were swept into office during a 2010 Republican landslide.

Dupuy, who remains on suspension without pay from County Court No. 3 by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, was indicted on two felonies and six misdemeanors, accusing him of official oppression, retaliation and abuse of office.

Dupuy, in the letter sent to Murray's county email address in March of 2012, urges him to contact someone at the courthouse or within the party to help draft a proper resignation letter.

Dupuy, 41, cites Murray's recent arrests, rumors of murders, allegations of domestic abuse and absences from the courthouse.

Murray, 38, ultimately resigned in April 2012 and avoided jail time on an aggravated assault charge by pleading no contest to allegations he used a handgun to assault his wife in 2011.

Murray received eight years of deferred adjudication and was ordered to wear an ankle monitor for 30 months. He faces 20 years in prison if he violates the plea.

George Parnham, who represents Dupuy, says he believes his client will be vindicated and has no intention to resign.

Dupuy Letter to Murray


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(7) comments

Miss Priss

Sounds like the same kind of letter/e-mail that Jesse Jackson sent to Rod Blagojevich.

I do not think that it is fair to compare Latonia Wilson to Murray or Dupuy.

Kevin Lang

How often times it happens that those quickest with advice are those least willing to take the same advice. Time will tell if Dupuy proves to be an exception.

Walter Manuel

Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle.... [wink]

Ditto Kevin and Truthserum....

Gerhard Meinecke

Now, where was Dupuy's boss all along in this sordid affair? Does he exercise any oversight?

Renee Wick

Curious that nobody seems to care how this e mail fell into the hands of The Daily News. How exactly did the Daily News acquired an e mail between two elected officials after one was long removed and the other TEMPORARILY off the bench? Considering each employee is given a login and password and "told" their emails are "locked" when they are no longer employed or temporarily unable to work. Ciaos has been used for years as a tool by criminals to distract the unknowing so that they can move with ease through the shadows with out notice. For example, staging a fight or loud argument inside a crowded mall, luring the security officers and passer byers in, all eyes locked on the drama while another makes his way quietly through that very same crowd pick pocketing innocent people. Its only after the ciaos has come to a calm that the true crime is discovered and unfortunately nobody saw a thing.... unable to recall when or who, questioning themselves even. Did they leave their cell phone and wallet at home? In another store? No. Open your eyes Galveston and stop being a victim. An employee from the District Clerks Office handed this e mail to Justice Administration who then gave very clear instructions to Chris on how to find it on their desk, which included using the back employee access only elevator and use of the copy machine. I wasn't aware that was LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This e-mail shows Judge Dupuy's concern for another official, and that's all there is to it. But it did its job...... you see what they want you to see instead of what's written right in front of your faces.

Kevin Lang

I believe that these email messages are technically all public records, and as such, subject to open records requests. Anything they do on government computers s not subject to the same privacy right as our personal emails. In the private sector, your company email account is company property, and subject to review at any time.

Renee Wick

Although i cannot say for sure, i highly doubt county employee emails are considered public records. But it is something to look into indeed. Im sure i speak for everyone when i say common knowledge alone would lead one to assume that yes at any point in time the IT department can restore, locate, and print out a full report of any computer activities including emails. Again, yes emails are deemed county property and are subject to review if in fact an ex employee and or current employee's email usage was under scrutiny. However, providing the media with any type of document for malicious purposes, by a county emplyee regardless of title is not allowed and it clearly states that in the handbook. Granted the handbook is filled with constant hypocrisy front to back. Stateing numerous times that the rules and regulatioins are to be followed or consequence knocks on your door, however, those same rules and regulations cannot be used against the county since they consider it more a book of "guidlines". Meaning each employee is held accountable, fired, temporarily suspended, harrassed and or run off, only if they are not first tempted to tuck thier tails between there legs and conform only to be welcomed with open arms into the warm embrace of corruption aka Galveston County Employment. Yet that same handbook "will not tollerate" exploiting another employee, harrassment of any type towards another employee, nor condones providing the media with anything whatsoever. But since the Deputy District Clerk who provided Justice Admin this email was an obvious minion his getting into his old bosses emails printing then providing a copy to them during working hours and on the county payroll was swept under the rug even though he violated 4 guidlines, serious guidlines with grounds for imediate termination. I wonder how the District Clerk would feel knowing his employee's are wasting his payroll because they are too busy doing other Heads of Departments dirty work. Then there's Head honcho Mrs. Justice Administration herself walking over purposly seeking out the all too well known reporter for the Galveston Daily News to inform him she'd come across his next story which just happened to be placed on the outer corner of her desk ready to be copied and taken and used out of contexed. After she carefully explained how he could use the employee access only elevators so as not to be seen entering her office, it was also made clear that its placement was in plane sight so that if anyone where to question him, he simply made a copy of an email he happened to see while waiting for assistance. Obviously all went as planned. Yet according to the guidlines, she too acted and assisted in "will not tollerate" behavior/ activities. Please remember she too was sucking up County time and being provided a paycheck for the above events. All the while unemployed well deserving hard working men and women starve, stress, lose sleep, and search for quarters just to fill the tank up enough to drive to another interview they may or may not recieve an offer of employment from. Seems the finger pointers are forgeting that when you point one finger at someone else they've got 4 pointing back. Not to mention being so disgustingly comfortable in their vindictiveness they overlook who they are performing these actions in front of or maybe just plain dont care because they've gotten away with it for so long because people are afarid to stand up. Not anymore, not ever again.

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