The Daily News was having its final candidate forum, beginning at 5:30 p.m. today at the jury assembly room of the Galveston County Justice Center, 600 59th St., in Galveston. Watch the live stream here.

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Andrew Stitt

After years of study in Criminal Justice and Politics across this country, I could not join Criminal Rackets of government in either sub-racket. This is where gangsters can commit murder, kidnapping, extortion, armed robbery, terrorism, and use violent threat of force to profiteer from the Organized crime collusion of Law, dispersal of narcotics in your community, and CONSPIRACY to govern without consent by CRIME.
Legalized mafia, you voted for your local Guido representative, official?
Telling the TRUTH anywhere on Earth can make you targeted by these KILLERS IN COLLUSION and they cover it up from the police to the 2-party Bloods/Crips/ (Dem/Rep) GANG and use the courts as Theater of thugs to silence you as well as psychiatric internment if you can't worship CRIMEas your GOD, government as your Master, invisible, imaginmary lines that are the CON of State or nation, for Mob Racketeers called senators, Congressman, etc. supported by Pharaoh/Emperors lackeys of the pharisee (sell you a serpent's sermon? you a religious conman?) playhouse, not a church teaching Christianity, the opposite of capitalism. The devil makes human smuggling, opium trafficking, genocide, and a fraud of vote---the american Way!

Andrew Stitt

What gave George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or anyone else authority or right to own slaves but their CRIME and CON? Did WE of the modern day agree to allow CRIMINALS to govern? Threaten? Murder? Con? Scheme? Extort? Market in Drugs? If you did not, why do the POLICE (alleged crime fighters) support this Mafia of Madmen? Once a crime cult, fraternal Jesus Killers every century down the trail. Anti-Christ.

Andrew Stitt

In the question, the answer, LAW is a Criminal Racket. Police only fight petty crime to stifle competititon to their pimps and crime bosses whom commit more heinous crime at continental and global scale. Thus, Law Enforcement, not crime fighters in general.
Make up a title with 56 conspirators in a Philly bar in 1776, stage a skirmish to control the crime rackets with the British, con the rubes with "bait and switch" for Freedom they do not have or propeoty they never own, taxed 10 times more than cause for the faked Revolutioon, and voila...Americana, patriotism, cultification, zombie existence 2014! How.............. American Prideful (A.P.)

Andrew Stitt

The Federal Reserve- a crime con. We use this worthless paper and they earn fees for it as a private enterprise of Organized crime sanctioned in partnership with GOVMAFIA.
Taxed to use the green toilet tissue with gangster faces.
Taxed to earn it.
Taxed to spend it.
Taxed to use anything purchased with it.
Never OWN any of it.
Live under threat 24/7/365 that IRS ( a fairly recent extortion racket in the last century-not what any con of country "baited" immigrants with for centuries to get them here, fatten them up, make them stupid and lazy before the switch to Tyranny and tax slavery "switch" seemed normal as the brain deteriorates) or the Police or the TROOPS will cage, kill, set you up, DEPRIVE YOU OF FREEDOM, LIBERTY, TRUTH< JUSTICE, DECENCY< or even SANITY, just good Demonis, satanic, Control Governance by organized Criminals. Taught your kids to lick boot? Chase the carrot and love the stick when slapped between their eyes? Be American patriotic, comatose, subservient, spineless, mute, lobotomized?

Andrew Stitt

What gangster SCHEMED the F.D. I. C. ? The banker steals your money, the thugs in costume of Police and Military (our lovely brain-washed anti-Constitution, freedom stealing TROOPS) selected from Mensa candidates Only, not the dregs of mental deficiency, of course, use THREAT of Force and even Murder to make your friends, neighbors, parents, co-workers, children, grandchildren, repay a portion of your savings the bankster gangster scamster steals, and it's all legit to an "educated" society, but not a sane or intelligent one, it would only be Crimainal Scheme as is all government established by crime. This country would pledge allegiance to john wayne Gacey's soiled boxers propped up on a mop handle if the Indoctrination/Cul;t Programming/Education forced by threat System taught them he was a Great and Glorious Co0nqueror like the Clown Collective that founded this gulag and cattle herd slave pen a few centuries back between thos invisible, imaginary nation border lines. They could have drawn a picture of porky pig on a paper scale of the continet and all patriots would kill and die to be Proud to be Porkians or Piggians, what lunacy, nation-building and buying the con to allow a few scoundrels and lowlifes to be IMMUNE, EXEMPT, ALLOWED to commit any crime they choose to do so -that they may establish or conduct governance with CRIMINALITY! Salute Jeffrey Dahmer! Heil Al Capone! Me love'em Pennywise, he/"IT" is my president most manifique!

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