So what do I know about fashion? Not too much.

When I can decide what I want to wear I usually pick my worn out boots and jeans. The hardest decision I typically have to make is whether something is clean or not. I wear slacks and button down shirts for work because — well I have to. I still haven’t traded in my boots for wingtips but I did at least upgrade from scuffed work boots to a nice pair of dress boots when I’m on the clock.

You better believe that when I get home after a long day of writing up stories I switch back to by torn jeans, old work boots and pearl snap shirts as fast as I can.

So what do I know about fashion or, even better, a fashion shows? Not a thing, but I’m going to have to learn a thing or two pretty quick.

The Daily News is planning its first fashion show, Glamour for Grammar, to benefit our Newspapers in Education program, which promotes literacy and provides educational resources for local classrooms.

So while I typically wouldn’t get my cheap cotton socks in a bunch over a fashion show I’ve decided to pitch in and help out. I figure this is for a good cause and from what I’ve heard the actual fashion show, on Aug. 14 at the Kemah Boardwalk, is going to be a pretty good party with food, art, live music, models.

I might be a country boy but I know not to pass up a party like that.

So I’ll be helping lead the newspaper’s fashion blog from now until the show and hopefully along the way I’ll learn a thing or two.

Since I don’t know the first thing about fashion, and grooming some will say, I’ll be getting friends and experts to chime in and help us out.

I also hear there is a makeover in the works. Apparently someone has it out for my caveman like beard and long hair.

So hold on to whatever fancy hat you are wearing and come along for the ride. 

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Glamour for Grammar benefits the Newspapers in Education program, which promotes literacy and provides resources for local classrooms.
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