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GALVESTON — If you drove down Seawall Boulevard on Wednesday, you probably couldn’t help but notice that parking spaces were already being claimed by trucks, trailers and recreational vehicles. (I think I saw one very large smoker sitting there in fog when I drove past around 6 p.m.)

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GALVESTON — Local DJs fed off the energy from a diverse crowd of music lovers as they spun and scratched songs to the tune of a 120,000 watt sound system on the Jagermeister DJ Stage Friday at Electric Mardi Gras. The young musicians said the event encouraged them turn the volume up on their…

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It the biggest gala of Mardi Gras and one of the biggest social events in the entire region — The San Luis Salute. It is over the top. It is a non-stop dance party. It is a big fundraiser for UTMB. It is sold out and has been for weeks.