Ball High edged cross-causeway foe La Marque 7-0 in a defensive battle at Etheredge Stadium in La Marque on Friday, August 30, 2019.  


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Paula Flinn

GO TORS! 💜💛💜

Charles Douglas

Oh Phooey!!!! We should have won that game against the Ball High Tors!! I remember way back in the day when Mayor Yarbrough was playing for Ball at linebacker! He was not just a linebacker, he was an ALL-STATE linebacker and arguably one of the best academic athletes in the nation! Anyway, there was a news reporter who had a radio show tracking County Sports back then. His name was Woody Carson! I was driving to Etheredge Stadium when Ole Moody's pregame show came on. He said, " Coach Tom Williams, you're bringing your top ranked LM Cougars in here tonight against the Ball High Tors with the NO 1 Defense!" "Coach Williams, what do you want to say?" Coach Williams, " Well Woody, we are going to dance with who "brung" us!" Code for we are going to run and not pass the football!!!! I came unglued while driving!!!!! I remember thinking, "I hope Ball High's Coaches were not listening to that broadcast! Well sir, when Ball lined up on defense guess where Mayor Yarbrough lined up? ONE YARD OFF THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE!!!! Really!!!!! His regular split was at least three YARDS back, meaning they were daring the Cougars to pass the Ball!!!! I put my head in my hands in the bleachers and wanted to cry and cuss!!! Lol! Long story short the LM QB, finally got tired of looking stupid and on his own changed a call from a run to a quick slant to the TE across the middle where the MAYOR should have been and the TE was off to the races!!! If my memory serves me correctly, LM beat BH 12-10! It was rumored that the LM QB caught hell for what he did, because it was a bad look for those in authority, especially after that radio show with the great Woody Carson! Hey, a little Battle Of The Causeway, history for you!!!!!

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