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Walter Dannenmaier

You didn't offer the option of "whip up additional hysteria by curtailment of civil rights", but it was a good try. 34 of 40 deaths in Galveston, per YOUR reports, were already in long-term care facilities. It will be interesting to see the logic of masking, social isolation, and economic ruin applied to any future ailment that disproportionately claims the lives of those already near the end of the line.

Ray Taft

Where’s the answer that says we shouldn’t be believing the covid-19 con?

A new report shows that health officials in Texas are logging every single covid-19-positive hospital patient in the state as a covid-19 hospitalization, even if the patients themselves are admitted seeking treatment for something other than the coronavirus. This policy artificially inflates what ostensibly seems like a significant covid-19 surge in the state.

Democrats and the MSM have a double standard.

Democrats want to release prisoners into the public. If masks were the end all to preventing a China virus infection, they would just give masks to the prisoners and leave them where they are.

Democrats and the MSM seldom mention the risk of getting covid-19 out on the streets. If people can go out and protest and create all sorts of havoc, without the same government officials telling them to stop because they’re not wearing masks, then no one really needs to wear a mask.

Democrats and the MSM want to lock us all down, again, to stop that awful orange man. Rigged polls in TDN is a step in that direction.

Terri Abraham

Ray, are the democrats responsible for the rise in cases all over the world? How does that figure in with your beliefs?

Ray Taft

Golly gee no. It’s here in Texas just like I wrote.

Unlike Democrats, what my beliefs are doesn’t interfere with how I see the true truth.

Jim Forsythe

Terri, Democrats control the world, and Republicans have no part in anything unless it fits Ray's world.

Texas is a RED, Red state and now we are in trouble, and getting worse.

Bars had to close again not because of a Republican or a Democrat Governor but because if we did not, our ER system would be in trouble just like New York was a few weeks ago. Texas's Governor said he made a mistake in opening the bars when he did.

Bailey Jones


Ray Taft

Well many are serving their father the devil according to some Catholic scholars.

Bailey Jones

And not just Catholics, Ray. But you are correct. Scapegoating is an age old religious practice.

Carlos Ponce

The Lord will place the goats on Left, Bailey.

Bailey Jones

Wrong testament, Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

Nothing wrong about it.

Ray Taft

Hey Jim. It’s all fake. According to a whistleblower, who Democrats are so fond of, health officials are scamming the system and benefiting Democrats while doing it

Vote RED - Remove Every Democrat.

Jim Forsythe

So, Ray, Republicans are doing what about your conspiracy theory?

Texas is full of Republicans, and you think that the Governor is doing the bidding for the Democrats?

Ray, the whistleblower name is? The Catholic scholars are?

As far as reporting, Houston has said that they are so overrun with cases that they will not take time to document cases at this time in the ICUs.

The testing positivity rate had been over 10 in Galveston county, and now it is coming down. Galveston County is Republican, Ray.

Ted Gillis

The “true truth” according to Ray.

Please stand and bow your heads.

Ray Taft

Thanks. But I can’t take credit for it. It’s Francis Schaeffer's "True Truth" Christian philosophy.

Terri Abraham

Ray, I don't know Schaffer's Christian philosophy, but I know Jesus said whatever you do, or fail to do, to and for others, you're doing to Him. Protecting other people, even if it means wearing a mask you may not want to wear, is fulfilling that Christian way of living.

Chuck DiFalco

My answer to this article’s question of the week is none of the above.

• “Close everything back up and lock it down as tightly as it was before the reopening began.”

That will assure Depression 2.0.

• “Begin a phased reclosing, shutting things down in steps and evaluating the results of one step before moving on to the next.”


• “Keep things open as they are but make masks mandatory and punishable by fines; stand by strict social distancing requirements.”

You mean make masks mandatory in business buildings in counties that have made them mandatory for customers? Or do you mean make masks mandatory on individuals anywhere? Statement is not clear enough for a meaningful answer.

• Keep reminding people to wear masks, wash their hands and social distance but otherwise return society and the economy to normal.

Better than #1 and #2, but I don’t think that’s best.

• Just let people do what they want.

As in let businesses not clean their workplaces? Let businesses not enforce the rules? Let diagnosed COVID positive people walk around without masks, infecting others? Reminds me of a James Bond movie in which he is forced into a martial arts match. The warlord overseeing the match declares “Rules! There are no rules!” Bond proceeds to kick his opponent who is bowing to him prior to the match.

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