News item (Jan. 6)

Overwhelming support secures brown bear a seat on Galveston’s Strand

Being a long supporter of the right to arm bears, I hope Truffles has self protection.

Dan Freeman

News item (Jan. 8)

Remains found in South Pacific ID’d as Galveston man killed in WWII

I remember hearing the argument that the tremendous bipartisan energy in the U.S. Congress during the 50s and 60s was due in large part to the fact so many congressmen had served in the war. That common bond allowed them to work together across party lines. This is why I like the idea of some sort of national service — preferably not a war — where young people can learn to work together towards common national goals.

According to Pete Buttigieg’s website, Americorps only has a budget for 75,000 members, yet has 500,000 applications. The Peace Corps has 17,000 applicants, but only 3,500 spots. My sister and her husband were in the Peace Corps working in the Solomon Islands. They came out of it as some of the finest people I know.

Bailey Jones

News item (Jan. 9)

After law snafu, marijuana arrests plunge in Galveston County

Stop wasting time and money on this nonsense and legalize marijuana as several other states have done.

Diane Turski


The problems associated with legalization are not worth the trade off.

Carlos Ponce

News item (Jan. 10)

Republican leaders split on Waters’ primary effect

Even Gov. Greg Abbott has asked Yolanda Waters to step down from her position, but to no avail. She continues to insist that she will not resign and the whole incident is based on lies. I myself have suffered from indiscreet treatment from Waters in the past and I believe she is the one who is speaking the “mistruths.”

We, as members of the Galveston County GOP, have the opportunity to elect Dr. Pat McGinnis to become our new Chairperson.

I am almost willing to predict Waters will be a “no show” at the scheduled debates between GOP candidates.

Carol Dean

News item (Jan. 11)

100 years later, legacies of Galveston’s plague outbreak persist

Ships still use rat guards on their mooring lines; although not always diligently. And up until quite recently, all were required to maintain annual de-rat certificates. These were issued by the inspectors from the USDA. Many ships still maintain them, although they are no longer required internationally.

Miceal O’Laochdha

News item (Jan. 12)

Galveston hopes to entice cruisers to linger longer, spend more

The Strand is a big draw for tourists. It would be great to see more charm brought to that area — downtown Gettysburg is a perfect example. Much smaller town and far less traffic than The Strand, but visitors are treated to beautiful planters overflowing, Bronze sculptures depicting relevant founders and much more. The businesses on The Strand would benefit from the upgraded charm. The new gaslights and repaved intersections have been a big improvement.

Connie Patterson

Editor’s note: “In Other Words” is a compilation excerpted from reader comments posted on These are excerpts of comments that were sometimes longer than appearing here. The editors have attempted to maintain the original context.

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