Animal shelters in Galveston County are overcrowded and operators are trying to raise adoption rates and find fosters as they face euthanizing dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

The Galveston Island Humane Society issued a plea Wednesday for people to adopt or foster 30 dogs and 60 cats from the shelter.

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Kenneth Diestler

Trying to be kind but I have been spaying dogs & cats for decades on this island--regular prices, discounted prices, shelter prices and often free to the owner and subsidized by different groups and too many stupid people continue to dump puppies/kittens into "the system" creating this problem. This is a People problem and the animals pay the price.

Allison Bourgeois

Sarah Clark Konopik


Mary Ann Whisenhunt

The prices for snimal care have risen astronomically! Dog food prices have sky rocketed. Vet costs have risen dramatically. People are having to make choices caring for their human family or pets. It makes me very sad.

Diane Turski

I agree with Kenneth that this is a people problem. How to require and then enforce that all dogs and cats be spayed and neutered is a legislative problem that needs to be solved in order to end this problem.

Sarah Clark Konopik


George Croix

I would love to take a couple, but I no longer have the heart for it.

I have personally held every one of our dogs when it's final moments came, and put them to rest with my own hands, and the last one was...the last one....

For folks not old and too long exposed like me, please consider taking one of these pets.

You will have many years of happiness from good pets....and ultimately, it's all worth it.

What we DON'T need is more 'government is the answer', because you can't legislate personal responsibility...

It takes below room temp IQ to pass laws that are unenforceable, no matter how good the theory.

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