Galveston County Commissioners Court

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry, center, sits with county commissioners, from left, Joe Giusti, Stephen Holmes and Ken Clark while listening to public comments about his disaster declaration and executive order that would commit $6.6 million to pay for local law enforcement to work at the U.S. border with Mexico and potentially aid in the construction of a border wall. The commissioners voted by majority to approve the declaration.

The commissioners court Friday upheld Galveston County Judge Mark Henry’s immigration disaster declaration, leaving open the possibility the county could spend millions of federal dollars for COVID relief to pay for local law enforcement to work on the U.S.-Mexico border and for the construction of a border wall.

The Question of the Week is: Should Galveston County devote $6.6 million of its American Rescue Plan money toward efforts to build a wall along the Texas-Mexico border?


• No

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Angelica Rendon

I’m so confused by this agenda… “Post-pandemic economic growth may yield new revenue as long as states don’t squander it on tax cuts for individuals or companies that don’t need it. In addition, states and localities can raise new revenues by taxing wealthy individuals and companies that have done especially well during the pandemic. The vast majority of state and local tax systems today are upside down — that is, they ask the most (as a share of income) of those with the least — so raising revenues in this way would itself reduce economic inequality. It also would directly reduce racial inequities, since historical racism and ongoing forms of discrimination have resulted in severe racial inequities by income.” This proposition is the exact opposite of what the funding was intended for.

Albert S. Gonzales

No, do not divert federal funds intended for Covid Relief for use on a border wall that will never truly deter anyone from coming into our country. In regard to immigrants wanting to cross the border…”where is a will, there is a way”. Immigrants will continue to enter our country by air, sea and land. The immigrant issue will not be solved by any wall, which is just a “band aid” covering up a serious ongoing problem. America helps every country in the world why can’t it help its’ very own neighbors. Address the illegal immigrant problem at its root. Those folks just want jobs and a better way of life for their children. Our problem can be, for the most part, solved by America helping build their economies. America has done this all over the world why not help ourselves by helping our neighbors to the south. The battle continues, if the illegal immigration problem is considered by some as an invasion then it can be dealt with affirmative action and compassion.

The Marshall Plan was an American initiative passed in 1948 for foreign aid to Western Europe. The United States transferred over $13 billion in economic recovery programs to Western European economies after the end of World War II.

Pray for a real solution not just wanting to build a wall that eventually will crumble.

Carlos Ponce

The wall was working, Albert.

Albert S. Gonzales

Wrong as you are, I knew you would be the one to respond. "Where there is a will there is a way".

Carlos Ponce

Ask a CBP or ICE agent, Albert. The Border wall was working.

Brian Allen

This is just political BS. The crazies have come up with their new campaign strategy for the 2022 election since they are all out of real ideas. They learned a long time ago crazy and paranoid works in elections.

Curtiss Brown

This is an instant Tax-payer lawsuit. In both Texas District and U.S. Federal Courts.

Bill Sterchi

COVID relief? Just how is 6.6 million going to prop up Galveston? Putting it toward finishing the Wall will definitely have impact. Businesses in Galveston will once again thrive w that the malarkey about an infection that has a 99+% survival rate has been shelved. There are STILL some places on the Island that allow their fear to be passed onto their customer base - and I refuse to participate in that. COVID is a real monster, but it's only as big as a Smurf. Oh, and it's size is 2.68 X10 - 12. That mask you were wearing will only capture particulate of 1 X 10 - 6 or larger. Thus, there are 6 decimal places of efficiency that allow the "bug" to pass - those home made and "Designer" masks are not even worth mentioning - might as well cut out a piece of your screen door and use that.

Gary Scoggin

Facts are pesky things. The Covid virus is carried on water aerosol droplets of size 4.7 X 10^-6 and larger. Almost five times larger than the filtration size of a mask.

Carlos Ponce

A lot of people forget who put up the wall. Back in 2018:

"A Galveston company has been awarded a $145 million contract to build 6 miles of wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

SLSCO Ltd. was awarded a $145 million construction contract Oct. 31, according to a news release from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Sullivan Interests, a group of companies started by Galveston natives and brothers Todd, John and William Sullivan, owns SLSCO."

The Border Patrol liked their product which was more than concrete and steel and met their specifications.

And in 2019:

"The federal government has awarded a Galveston company more than $789 million to rebuild parts of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

The contract, awarded by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, means SLSCO Ltd., stands to earn more than $1 billion total from work related to building fences and walls along the border."

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