News item (Sept 30)

One arrested as fences go up around Rollover Pass

He’s a feisty defiant old bird?

Doug Sivyer


Rollover Pass was opened to solve critical problems. Returning to the problems will occure when the Pass is closed. Opening was a mistake, closing is a mistake and taxpayers pay for both.

Gary Miller


There are only a few good reasons to be in jail. Sticking to your guns and demanding your rights is definitely one of them. Hats off to Mr. Vega.

James Lippert

News item (Sept. 30)

Port of Galveston ponders future of long-time tenants as master plan looms

This is very disappointing. The master plan is a 20- to 25-year plan. The board shouldn’t be discussing getting rid of long-term customers, but doing a pro forma on each line of business and seeking ways to increase and diversify business.

Charlotte O’Rourke


I work as a ship agent and sometimes we need to get Coast Guard inspections done before a ship can make call in Houston. We bring them into Galveston. It brings money to the port, but they seem to only think about cruise ships as a market driver for the port. Seems like an opportunity not completely realized.

Josh Moore

News item (Oct. 1)

Texas A&M to ban vaping, e-cigarettes on campuses

People will ban e-cigarettes but you’re allowed to carry guns on campus. Something wrong here.

Casey Alan


Most younger people don’t remember how prevalent regular cigarette smoking used be. You couldn’t get away from it. There always seemed to be some inconsiderate smoker puffing away. If you objected they usually had some comment about it being their “right” to smoke. Just be glad we don’t have to relive all that again.

Ted Gillis

News item (Oct. 2)

Galveston officer predicted Neely arrest would ‘look really bad’

The disenfranchised, homeless, mentally ill, and poor lack the power to assert their rights. They must depend on the police to do the right thing. These officers knew that what they were doing “looked really bad.” They had many other options. This is about how we treat each other and how this city chooses to care for the less fortunate among us.

Lisa Blair


I think the right thing was to get him out of the 98 degree heat. Maybe they should have asked him, we can wait on a cruiser in the heat, or we can take you a block or two and get you in some A/C.

Keith Gray


I think it is fair to say the body cam videos, if anything, cast an even more favorable light on the two officers than what was expected. There was concern for Mr. Neely’s physical safety and his mental state. There was respect for him in how he was addressed. There was apprehension that what they were doing was by the book, but bad optics.

Wayne Holt


They were cordial, but the officers knew there would be backlash from this. If you are apprehensive, use common sense. Their intent was not to be mean and ugly, but sometimes intent is not enough.

Tamala Robinson

News item (Oct. 6)

A&M professor pitches hardened dunes on Galveston’s West End

The so-called engineered dune or “hardened dune” to demonstrate how the west end can be protected has been completed and demonstrated for years. It’s called The Galveston Seawall. Complete at 17feet high, just as William Merrell suggests. The seawall was built in segments as the island’s population expanded to the west. Sadly, years ago the politicians decided it was finished. Merrell wants to build a mini seawall and wait for a hurricane to demonstrate how it works. This is getting weird.

Bill Cochrane

Editor’s note: “In Other Words” is a compilation excerpted from reader comments posted on These are excerpts of comments that were sometimes longer than appearing here. The editors have attempted to maintain the original context.

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