News item (Nov. 25)

Galveston prepares for return of trolleys and how to pay for them

I’m curious if the trolleys are required to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and, if so, are these trolleys wheelchair accessible?

Stephen Murphy


The trolleys are pretty, but nobody rides them. It’s a stretch to say trolleys fill hotel rooms. Hotel occupancy taxes have become the city’s source for pet projects instead of their intended purpose of marketing programs for conventions at hotels. Going forward, the Hotel Association should be allowed input on the city’s expenditures of hotel tax.

Allen Flores

News item (Nov. 25)

Mixed-income development moving forward at Oleander site in Galveston

Galveston already has a tremendous number of low income housing tax credit units. We don’t need anymore subsidized housing. This gives us additional subsidized housing and perhaps poses more risk to the success of the mixed income housing.

Susan Fennewald

News item (Nov. 27)

Looming pollution rules mean changes for local ships

It would be great if Galveston became a shore power port allowing the ships to “plug in” for the 8-9 hours they’re here. It doesn’t help solve the overall emission topic, but would be a step in the right direction, and reduce the amount of pollution here in our immediate backyard.

Kent Muller

News item (Nov. 27)

Anxiety causing obstacles to college students’ success

As parents we need to prepare our kid for the real world. Doing everything for them just sets them up for failure in the future.

George Caros


This is what happens when you play soccer and don’t keep score and everyone gets a trophy. This generation wouldn’t have lasted a week in the “old days.”

Kelly Naschke


I’d hate to have my life summed up in a couple dozen sentences and then be publicly scorned for it.

And I’m afraid I have little sympathy for the sentiment — “I suffered so I have little sympathy for your suffering.” How about, “I suffered and made it, I hope you make it as well.”

Good luck to you, Justine Tramontana. I’ve struggled with anxiety and a depression disorder my whole life — as did my dad — and his mom. I hope you find understanding people who can help you find your way through it. The hard work you’re doing now will give you the confidence to do amazing things in the future.

Bailey Jones

Editor’s note: “In Other Words” is a compilation excerpted from reader comments posted on These are excerpts of comments that were sometimes longer than appearing here. The editors have attempted to maintain the original context.

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