News item (Oct. 13)

Hitchcock doubles revenues from game room fees

Yet there still is not a grocery store in the town, but we sure do have game rooms. Yeah, buddy.

Josh Moore


All I can say is this is so sad. I had to bite my tongue. And they’re proud of it.

Donald Roccaforte

News item (Oct. 14)

For first time, Port of Galveston to track environmental efforts

This is a good first move. Hopefully the port uses this data to evaluate and implement meaningful emissions reductions.

Gary Scoggin

News item (Oct. 14)

Plans for more large East Beach events worry some

There is a double standard regarding events in Galveston because there is no set template or comprehensive plan to protect taxpayers. The city council should hold public hearings on all events. City Manager Brian Maxwell said the cost of events must be paid by the promoter on East Beach, but council members are OK with the city paying expenses for Yaga’s Entertainment with public funds during Mardi Gras. They exempt Yaga’s from Texas laws so they can force taxpayers to pay them $22 to use free public streets. City council voted to let Yaga’s place out-of-town vendors in front of local businesses and deny access to taxpayers who want to eat or shop local.

Allen Flores

News item (Oct. 15)

Polarized electorate can get along, polling study finds

The last thing any politician wants is to have the electorate talking respectfully and listening with an open mind to each others viewpoints, opinions, and insights. That is not how one gets elected, accrues power, fame, and wealth.

Miceal O’Laochdha

News item (Oct. 16)

Political Buzz: Local leaders baffled, angered by Bonnen comments

It’s clear to me Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, and the majority in the legislature, want to prohibit cities and counties from doing things the legislature won’t do, like raising the minimum wage or restricting fracking.

Jim Casey


This recording was more than “a political discussion.” It was also an admission of a deliberately strategic power grab by Bonnen. Anyone of his character should be voted out. I support local control over state one-size-fits-all control because local control equal local accountability.

Diane Turski

News item (Oct. 17)

Park board, city make relationship status official

Sometimes people go to West End beaches specifically because they may not want all of those amenities, therefore an expensive pavilion at Stewart Beach may be a reason to stay away. Why not survey West End beachgoers first to find out why they choose the West End over Stewart Beach?

Ron Shelby

News item (Oct. 18)

Trump calls coastal barrier a ‘crazy thing’

President Trump is apparently an astute guy and not the only one wondering if the Ike Dike will work. There have been many dissenters from the current plan expressing their opinions in The Daily News. This should not become another anti-Trump political kerfuffle simply because Trump questioned it in a light-hearted way.

Perhaps it is now appropriate for those who think the Ike Dike is the wrong approach to take their case directly to President Trump since he is wondering about it too. Trump is not a political insider; he is a builder in the private sector and knows a thing or two about it.

Ray Taft


I’ve always been ambivalent about the Ike Dike, not being enough of a civil engineer to know if it was a good idea or not. I feel much better about it now.

Bailey Jones

News item (Oct 20)

Some shops say Lone Star Rally vendors hurt business

It’s like deja vu all over again. Y’all should just print this article or pick a past article to print each year because it’s the same thing year after year after year.

Stephen Murphy


I used to work at a bar and grill on The Strand many years ago. During Mardi Gras and Dickens, we were swamped regardless of how many vendors were outside.

I have also been downtown during all of these events, and I see plenty of people shopping in the stores, especially on rally weekend when you have more people in attendance with typically a larger income.

The good it does for the city as a whole far out weighs the possible harm for just a few. Are those weekends of Mardi Gras, Dickens, and the motorcycle rally that busy if it weren’t for the events themselves going on? No, they aren’t. All are during off season when there isn’t that much foot traffic anyway.

Lisa Keeler

Editor’s note: “In Other Words” is a compilation excerpted from reader comments posted on These are excerpts of comments that were sometimes longer than appearing here. The editors have attempted to maintain the original context.

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