A Ball High teacher lives in the blue cottage on the corner. Next to her lives a medical student.

The couple at the end of the street has lived there for 40 years. I know this because I live here, too.

Sheila Lidstone lives in Galveston.


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Ana Ortiz-Monasterio Draa

We were fortunate to host your long term guests, the GPD officer & UTMB manager, as our short term guests in our historic island home during their recent island wedding…what an honor to host such a lovely local couple! As a side note, her family used run a beautiful short term rental, managed by a GISD school teacher & her spouse, while they were stationed overseas.

People choose to rent, long and short term, for a variety of reasons. Not everyone was fortunate enough to inherit a home from their parents, so the income generated by rentals is vital.

Take comfort in knowing there is task force that has been diligently working on responsible STR operations on the island. A request for proposal for software to manage STR’s just went out. Once in place, we will have much better data to work with. Currently there are 4,300 registered short term rentals, but in that number are duplicates; registrations by owners & property managers. With the new software in place, I expect we’ll find out the actual number of STR’s is lower. I’m really looking forward to the implementation of the software so we can deal in facts rather than anecdotal information.

In case you haven’t seen it, the 2021 Visit Galveston report on the financial impact of short term rentals showed that the income generated reduced the real estate tax burden an aver of $5,100 per house…that’s significant! More information should be forthcoming form the impact study ordered by executed by a U of H professor of Economics.

Sounds like there’s a lot going on that you may not be aware of, it may be worth a call to your council member. Also, STROAG had a comprehensive presentation last night by Bryson Frazier & Matt Curtis about STR’s. Very informative, worth a view. Have a look on the website later this week!

Bailey Jones

The house we used to operate as an STR (now our second home) was derelict before becoming an STR. When we bought it, we were surrounded by 10 unoccupied derelict properties. In the last 5 years, we've seen probably a dozen homes within a block or two get remodeled and become STRs.

The STR next door was a drug house.

The STR behind us was abandoned since Harvey, at least.

The STR across the street was derelict.

The STR across the alley was abandoned.

Now that the neighborhood looks better, 6 or more homes have either been remodeled or built new that are not operated as STRs. We have real neighbors behind us, across the street and across the alley. The number of unoccupied homes is down to 2.

STRs may not be the preferred neighbors (although we haven't had any issues with them) but they are driving the revitalization of many old Galveston neighborhoods. They pay both hotel taxes - 9% of their revenues to the park board, and property taxes - at a higher rate than any homeowner with an exemption would pay.

Galveston is a tourist town. There is very little else here in the way of economic opportunity to attract families. The STR market will eventually level out as more STRs and conventional hotel rooms come on line. But they will be a major presence from now on.

Bruce Niebuhr

I agree with Sheila's recommendations and I am contacting the mayor and my councilman to appoint the blue-ribbon panel.

Bruce Niebuhr

Matt Havard

Short-term rentals were once a concern for the Vision Galveston folks. Not sure if that's still the case. https://www.visiongalveston.com/news-feed/2021/10/11/the-rise-of-short-term-rentals-in-galveston

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