It seems preposterous that a professional baseball player can’t lay down a simple bunt, but the Astros Myles Straw is far from the only player or team to abandon the small-ball tactic, as good bunts have nearly disappeared by Major League Baseball, aside from, maybe, some of the pitchers who have to bat in the National League.

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Shots could begin as soon as Thursday, after a federal vaccine advisory committee issues recommendations for using the two-dose vaccine in 12- to 15-year-olds. An announcement is expected Wednesday.

Attorney General Ken Paxton said Texas is "uniquely situated" to restart cruising immediately because Galveston has special medical facilities. 

The president went to Taqueria Las Gemelas in Washington on Wednesday and ordered lunch. The restaurant, owned in part by Mexican immigrants, was a beneficiary of a pilot version of the restaurant relief program. It went from 55 employees to seven during the pandemic, though it was able to rehire some workers through the Paycheck Protection Program that predates the Biden administration.

It feels surreal. And momentous. And maybe even a little disconcerting that the county closed its mass vaccination hub at Walter Hall Park last week.

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The University of Texas Medical Branch is working with Carnival Cruise Line to vaccinate hundreds of cruise ship employees, officials confirmed Monday.