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A fall-winter surge would mean COVID is acting more like other coronaviruses, and therefore more predictably; a spring-summer surge would mean the virus still is moving unpredictably, experts say.

Millions more Americans can get a COVID-19 booster and choose a different company’s vaccine for that next shot, federal health officials said Thursday.

U.S. regulators on Wednesday signed off on extending COVID-19 boosters to Americans who got the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine and said anyone eligible for an extra dose can get a brand different from the one they received initially.

Billions of federal COVID recovery dollars are pouring into the nation’s schools. The $123 billion in federal recovery money is the largest one-time federal public education investment in history.

Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday said all entities in Texas were banned from requiring employees and consumers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. At Galveston's cruise port, where such mandates exist, there's no plan to change things immediately.

Since mid-August, the number of fully vaccinated people in Galveston County has grown by 23,000 people. Another 20,000 county residents have received protection-boosting third doses.