With sticks between their legs, the players zoomed across the lush green grass of Hometown Heroes Park in a kinetic movement in hopes to score points through the raised hoops on either side of the field.

This weekend marks the 2017 Major League Quidditch Championship. Major League Quidditch is a professional sports league that is composed of 16 teams and includes League City’s own League City Legends. Based on the fictional game in the Harry Potter book series, Quidditch is a full-contact sport that mixes components from rugby, dodgeball and basketball.

Forming a Quidditch team was an obvious choice for the area, League City Councilman Hank Dugie said.

“It was a group effort, but I played a big role in bringing it to League City,” he said. “I love League City and want to have a lot of really awesome entertainment options for people. It’s definitely going to be unique and unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.“

Being part of the team is an immersive experience and full of traveling opportunities, Dugie said.

“Season play happens over the summer and we have regular season games that take place in League City,” he said. “We travel elsewhere to other teams’ home sites. The first championship was held in either New York or Boston. The second championship for this league was held in League City last year. This year it’s being held in League City again.”

Quidditch offers unique differences compared to other sports, player Philip O’Brien said.

“In football, you’re trying to get the ball to a person in the end zone or carry it across the line,” he said. “In Quidditch, we have two types of balls. You have the quaffle, which is a partly deflated volleyball that you can score through either side of the hoop for 10 points. Then we have the bludgers, which are the dodgeballs. Beaters can throw the dodgeball and they can knock people out of play.”

The co-ed aspect of the game is just another element that separates Quidditch, O’Brien said.

“It’s co-ed, and that is a huge thing for some people,” he said. “Some people like that guys and girls are playing together.”

The Major League Quidditch Championship also provides an economic incentive for League City, Convention & Visitors’ Bureau Administrator Bryan Roller said.

“In reviewing last year’s event, our hotels were able to account for more than 180 room nights in League City,” he said. “We are anticipating better numbers this year with our improving weather pattern.”

Economic opportunities for the city and making fans proud are at the top of his list, Dugie said.

“Typically, the championship tournament has a $200,000 economic impact to the city that hosts,” he said. “This year we hope to win the championship for the citizens of League City and our fans.”

“It’s co-ed, and that is a huge thing for some people. Some people like that guys and girls are playing together.” Quidditch player
Philip O’Brien

Valerie Wells: 409-683-5246; valerie.wells@galvnews.com

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Kelly Naschke

I thought Quidditch made a splash in League City the LAST time this story was printed? Are we going to hear what a "splash" it makes every six months or so?

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