It was another heady week of gridiron competition for Galveston County squads.

Two lengthy losing streaks were halted, a big upset was registered and another team showed it is a force to be reckoned with.

On the down side, only five found it into the win column.

That can be tempered somewhat in that we had two inter-county matchups, but still ...

1. Texas City

Last week: 2

The Stingarees met La Marque in the annual Battle by the Bay and handed the Cougars a historic 56-35 loss to claim the top spot in our poll. Texas City is loaded with offensive weapons. You gotta see these guys.

2. Dickinson

Last week: unranked

The Gators trailed Friendswood 21-0 in the second quarter and could have curled up and waited for the final gun, but they didn’t, pulling off an epic 33-30 comeback win.

3. Santa Fe

Last week: 9

The Indians had not celebrated a win since 2011 before beating Brazosport 46-40. The offensive showcase come down to a big defensive play when Santa Fe forced Brazosport to fumble in the final minutes.

4. Clear Falls

Last week: 7

The Knights snapped an eight-game losing streak by throwing a 29-0 shutout at Baytown Sterling.

5. Clear Springs

Last week: 8

The Chargers move up three slots thanks to a convincing 37-20 win over Dobie, that saw the Clear Springs defense blank the Longhorns in the second half.

6. High Island

Last week: 6

The Cardinals were nipped at the wire by Alvin Living Stones 38-37.

7. Bay Area Christian

Last week: unranked

The Broncos had a chance to tie their game with McKinney Christian, but a two-point conversion attempt failed and they went down 28-26.

8. Friendswood

Last week: 4

The Mustangs had a good lead over Dickinson, but faltered near the end.

9. Clear Creek

Last week: 1

The Wildcats’ offense was strong, but its defense lagged late in a 34-21 loss to Kingwood.

10. La Marque

Last week: 3

The Cougars put 35 on the board, which should have been enough to win. Too bad they were playing Texas City.

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MG Tex

It's alomost not worth commenting about, but my goodness the Power Rankings once again are all over the place ... Do you honestly believe Bay Area and High Island could even come close to competing against any of the bottom three teams?? Kudos to the top rated 4 teams for their wins, and no disrespect to HI or BAC, but really???

Keith Gray

Mgtex, don’t worry… your beloved Stangs will be towards the top of the board soon enough…
BTW welcome back... it's been pretty thin on the sports forums, with only Buck and JBG engaging...

MG Tex

I know Keith ... With the new format it has been difficult to engage in any real conversation ... Maye as the season progresses we can get it rolling again. Congrats on a big Indian win last week!

Keith Gray

I am really pleased with our Tribe... however, you knowing me, the greatest win we can achieve is over your beloved Stangs (jsut getting warmed up for some more serious trash talk)... good luck to them all, and may they all finish the season healthy...

The Power Rankings are not designed to say that No. 1 is better than No. 2 and No 2 is better than No. 3 and so on down the line. The rankings show who had the best week - essentially a Who's Hot and Who's Not. We have 13 teams that range from 6-man up to Class 5A. If we wanted to make the list based on who was the best, we would just rank them by attendance figures and be done. What's the fun in that?

Robert Dee

I would take Texas City against anyone in Galveston county, regardless of enrollment.

Robert Buckner

I sort of disengaged since that TC whupping on LM. JBG has been pretty quiet the last few days since that game. I doubt he is starving since his TC relatives are spoon feeding him that crow pie that JBG enjoys about once a year.
It was great to see the Tribe put one in the W column finally, I'm hoping for a few more W's.


Yea my man,...I'll take TC too! They are loaded,..and I think as they progress through the season they will fine tune, and get even better.
Now don't forget about those old LM Cougars,...they will be back, I can guarantee you that. They will take care of what needs taking care of, and they will come back making a run at the championship.
My guess is Galveston County Football fans will have a lot to cheer about this season! I'm having a ball already! I don't know how to act,...I mean not having to worry about someone else desiring my cape, and my title! That relaxes me,...and will enable me to make many bold predictions this season,..as you guys will see in the coming weeks!

Robert Buckner

Any predictions for tonight?


Yes sir! I sure do! LM and TC are going to do the teams they play tonight a BIG HURT! Those country boys from Coldsprings know they HAVE it coming! My hope is those other country boys from Navasoto are somewhere observing what they will get a taste of in the playoffs!
Now as for Pasadena High,...TC will rudely dismiss them,.and it will get ugly by the fourth quarter. Rightfully so too! It is time to serve notice to the rest of the state, that the road to the 3A and 4A FOOTBALL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS GOES THROUGH STINGAREE AND ETHEREDGE STADIUMS!!
That's all I know.

Robert Buckner

I've got to believe in JGB's post. He took a licking last week and has been eating " crow pie" ever since. . The man isn't a fan of eating this diet very often. He's afraid some dude in DC will take his title. Us locals do not see this happening, as we've got faith in the almighty. JBG will not not let us down.


Mr. Buckner,
That dude in DC,......I got him on the run and he knows it to! If I don't get an apology from him soon,...I will have some of his family members to give him a personal message because he does not know,...that I know many of his folks! He maligned my reputation and my character publicly , and I demand retribution, in the way of a full, public,.....on the GDN forum, apology!
If I am to forgive him,.....he must renounce his designs on my cape,...and stop eyeballing by title! He can put them both on,..but they won't fit him. Anyway,...he is to young to be the DUKE OF SMACK!!!!

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