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ole dad

The "why" or the "what for" reasoning about "coming out" on the Michael Sam story will play out over the coming year. Especially visible if things don't go the way they "should", in others opinion. Sort of an insurance policy so to speak...and truly, I hope I'm wrong. As talented as that young man is he should have no problem making it in professional football. He should also ensure he completes his degree if he's not on track to do so already.

Elizabeth Robertson

oledad- Mike recieved his degree last fall. He was a red shirt so he completed it in 4-1/2 years. As ar as coming out, there are a lot of people questioning his motives. I have read many stories and one of the main reasons he decided to before the draft was becasue all the scouts and GM's calling his agants and current and former coaches were asking questions about his sexuality without really coming out bluntly. How many scouts start he question process with who is his girlfriend or does he have a girlfriend. Despite his team keeping his sexuality to themselves, there were many people who knew and somehow the NFL teams had wind of it. I beleive he based his decision on wanting to be taken by a team that will know forehand and keep or cut him based on his playing ability. Thats all he can ask for, to be able to prove his worth to the NFL with out having to look over his shoulder.

Lynn Peloquin

If you do t like football or any sport, don't play! The great thing about our country is that we can all choose! I am sorry you don't like it but my family does. Our boys' will play when they are older & are aware of the responsibilities of playing. By this I mean, team work, physical strength, hydration, proper eating. What about ALL the benefits of playing sports?

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