TEXAS CITY – Galveston County golf enthusiasts should be pleased to know that visible progress is being made and significant benchmarks are being reached in a renovation project at the Bayou Golf Course in Texas City that began in late April.

By today, Bayou Golf Course supervisor Larry Boyle said the final touches on the work on holes No. 3-No. 7 will be completed.

Now, the renovations will need roughly seven weeks to get settled in before the holes will playable.

“If everything is good, in a perfect world, it will be complete by the third week of September,” Boyle said. “Our grand opening will be for the chamber tournament … Oct. 1 and 2.”

The most anticipated renovations to the course will be to the greens, which had gone about 40 years without a major upgrade.

The new greens will be sprigged with MiniVerde, an improved Bermuda grass.

The sprigging on parts of the fairways on the No. 1, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6 holes will also be finalized shortly.

“In the latter part of the week, they’ll complete the green construction on (Nos.) 1, 2, 8 and 9,” Boyle said. “That means they’ll be installing the greens’ drainage, they’ll be bringing in approximately 300 cubic yards of greens mix for each green, shaping the contours and putting in a lot of different fertilizers and amendments on there. Probably next Monday or Tuesday, they’ll be sprigging the remaining greens.”

Other features being worked on in the Bayou Golf Course’s ongoing renovations include a large new putting green area and a nine-hole pitch and putt walking course.

“When they core the greens on the back nine … they’ll be taking that material up to the 9.5 acres of the entranceway,” Boyle said. “We’ll be using that soil and some other soil to stockpile, and that’s where the 13,000 square-foot putting green will be built. The nine-hole pitch and putt will also be built in that area.”

While the major renovation projects are in progress, Boyle said that maintenance crews will continue some in-house projects, including leveling spots on the fairways for holes Nos. 2, 15, 17 and 18.

Boyle said that the course’s Facebook page — www.facebook.com/bayou-golf-course.com — posts updates on the renovations. The course is located at 2800 Ted Dudley Drive in Texas City.

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