Whosever…shall throw the first rock!

I personally despise derogative attitudes based on race. Yet, unless it is damaging to any ethnicity, religion or gender orientation, a person is entitled to have any opinion and the right to express it.

Trying to regulate people’s beliefs is oppressive. It has not proven to be effective and actually raises resistance levels and often causes greater polarization.

While an association can deny membership to anyone whose public or private actions are detrimental to the group, neither I or you nor any institution should be empowered to dictate one’s belief.

If Donald Sterling defeats or delays the order to sell the team, will the players continue to accept his money?

Up to now, they did not seem to mind working for a known anti-Black and anti-Hispanic employer.

The Clipper sponsors and fans did not have any problem enriching his coffers either — until now.

Neither did his African-American-Hispanic lover have a problem accepting a $1.5 million condominium and several exotic cars from someone who hates her race.

Oh, and surely there is no one among us who privately thinks or speaks what Sterling — or Ted Nugent — utters, and we all can throw rocks. Or?

Gerhard Meinecke


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Robert Buckner

If he is forced to sell his interest in the Clippers, he should make a huge profit on his investment. The $2.5 million fine is only a drop in the bucket to a billionaire. Sterling may just end up thanking everyone for the favor and wishing he'd said something stupid earlier as he concentrates on his health and age nowadays.

George Croix

I do note that there has not been an uproar to remove from the broader process the Majority Leader of the United States Senate, the Attorney General of the United States, or the President of the United States, all of whom have made racially charged comments, publicly, of their own. Yet, each weighed in against Sterling's comments.
Selective indignation has become the hallmark of our 'fundamentally changed' country. Such stupidities stated by any of them, or anybody else, deserve equal treatment, do they not...?
If not, why not?

Gary Miller

Those you mention get away with what Sterling did because they are progressives and progressives own political correctness. PC is censorship with progressives deciding who or what is or isn't permitted.

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