Last week’s report on Bruce Van Lerberghe’s ace at Moody Gardens Golf Course was only half the story. A statistically rare occurrence, his was one of two aces made at that course that day.

Ray Summers whacked a 91-yard wedge into the cup at the 17th, as witnessed by Jerry Clements, David Cash and Bill Fraley.

If the shoe fits

Jim Pendergast is an Aggie/NASA engineer and better-than-average recreational golfer.

So, when his unmistakable maroon and white golf cart, capable of 35 mph, suddenly stopped, removing and or replacing the speed control sensor, a $10 or so part, should have been at most a 15-minute task.

Pendergast removed the wrong part, setting off a chain of events immediately recognizable to most do-it-yourselfers.

Replacement cost is currently approaching the $200 mark, including cart pick up and delivery.

Individual golf cart maintenance is generally not terribly expensive, as most owners are careful in their operation and tend to their appearance.

Such is not the case with rental carts.

You’ve seen what I’ve seen in the form of reckless operation and total disregard for the condition of a rental — behavior which screams, “oh, well, it ain’t mine.”

Perhaps the most commonly occurring transgression is the damage done by propping feet as if the cart were a personal recliner.

Which brings me back to Pendergast. Not because he props his feet, but rather habitually hangs his left foot outside the confines of his buggy, dangling there like a piece of alligator bait.

Keep it inside

Betsy Pendergast is an experienced educator and parent to two great daughters and, well, husband Jim.

She has repeatedly admonished him to address the dangling foot habit.

At a recent backyard gathering, Jim swore he will try to do better once his cart returns from the shop.

I promised him that if he doesn’t, then when the compound fracture occurs I will stop by, say “I told you so,” maybe call Betsy to come get him, and play on.

Betsy approved this message.

Be safe, on and off the course.

Gean Leonard is a columnist for The Daily News and can be reached at

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