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I remember when TC had a girl over there named Patti Bean playing varsity tennis for them! She reminded me of Chris Evert, the way she looked and played. She was good! If I'm not mistaken she attended Texas A&M on scholarship.
Then Ball High had Joe David Adape, and O'Connell had a guy named Trey Schulz!
I watched Schulz serve a ball one time in a Texas Amateur Tournament,..and he put so much stuff on the ball, it curved like a rainbow, and bounced over the opponent's head and out of the court, before the dude knew what was happening!
Joe David Adape from Ball High was not bad either. When He played Schulz,...it was a WAR I tell you! Tennis is not what it use to be! Back in the day, it use to be IMPOSSIBLE to get a court anywhere in this county on a given day,...so many people were playing tennis! Now......well now.........

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