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MG Tex

Hopefully this is the end of these "Power" Rankings ... I thought there was some level of reason last week, but reality of the modern feel good every body gets a ribbon world creeps back in this week ... Seriously, did I read where High Island and Hitchcock ended the regular season ranked ahead of 3, 5A playoff teams?? No disrespect to those kids who try as hard as anybody, but seriously ..... OK, enough of my soapbox.

Did I mention how much I missed the very recent days when the sports section of this paper held some level of relevance? Ugghhh ... Friday night games on line with live chat ... pigskin picks with actual prizes ... Sports staff that was passionate and knowledgable ... Energetic interaction between loyal vocal supporters of all GC programs ... All that, and it was FOC ... Now, its none of that. But I guess when you are the only game in town you can do what you want ...

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