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stephen pound

Thumbs down for Sam.[thumbdown]

MG Tex

Actually, thumbs up for Mr Sam ... However, he and the rest of the overzealous pro gay crowd need to just move on and stop trying to make those who have differing opinions feel guilty.
I wish him all the success in the world, but enough of the poor Michael Sam talk. He is in the big boy league now, and if he can play he will make the team. If he shines he will prove all the teams who passed on him. He is living the dream of millions of little boys everywhere bu getting a chance to play in the NFL ... Why make it harder on himself by allowing himself to be an activist pawn?

Just go work hard, have fun, make more money than most of us can dream of ... I wish him luck. And I continue to pray for his safety and his heart.

stephen pound

I am just sad for our country that this is the modern role model.

MG Tex

I agree srjh2 ... sadly we have become a country of feelers rather than thinkers. We live in a world run by moral relativism. It is not the country of my parents, and we have allowed it to happen right under our noses.

Lars Faltskog

I am proud of one of our own - Michael Sam - making history and bringing part of Galveston County into the national limelight.

He and his boyfriend look so much in love. Maybe Michael and Vito Cammisano can get married soon, as that would make further history! [thumbup]

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