24-5A All-District

Coach: Bobby Williams, Brazoswood

MVP: Austin Botello, Clear Springs

Newcomer: Eloy Reyna, Dickinson


• Joey Pulido, Brazoswood

• Max McElligott, Clear Springs

• Will Rose, Clear Creek

• Chase McClarty, Clear Lake

• Mark Skinner, Clear Falls

• Blake Chisolm, Clear Springs

• Marlin Chatman, Dickinson

• Mikie Gaudet, Clear Falls

• Braxton Hollenshead, Clear Springs

• Adam Prentice, Clear Falls

• Alec Rubalcaba, Brazoswood

• Satchel McElroy, Clear Creek

• Michael Rohland, Clear Creek

• Logan Alexander, Dickinson

• Eric Berno, Clear Lake

• Chris Clark, Clear Falls

• Josef Rios, Clear Springs


• Tim Greuter, Clear Springs

• Zach Esquivel, Clear Creek

• Joe Cayer, Clear Creek

• Cameron Vige, Clear Falls

• Cristian Morales, Clear Brook

• Dalton Richardson, Clear Creek

• Zach Reams, Brazoswood

• Sean Kelly, Clear Creek

• Anthony Dahl, Brazoswood

• Shelby Ganay, Clear Springs

• Trent Rousseau, Brazoswood

• Evan Hundl, Brazoswood

• Kyle Thomas, Clear Falls

• Oscar Kutch, Clear Brook

• Kyle Vance, Clear Lake


• Tyler Fisher, Clear Springs

• Anthony Gonzales, Clear Springs

• Fabian Esquivel, Brazoswood

• Logan Madden, Clear Lake

• Hunter LaGrange, Clear Falls

• Tyler Patterson, Clear Springs

• Jansen Cosart, Clear Creek

• Victor Garcia, Clear Falls

• Cody Williams, Clear Brook

• Anthony Cole, Clear Creek


24-4A All-District

Coaches: Steven Hecker, Ball High; Charlie Taylor, Friendswood; Ronnie Wulf, Santa Fe

MVP: Dylan Ebbs, Santa Fe

Newcomer: Jordan Gunter, Santa Fe


• Brett Hinson, Texas City

• Brigham Rushing, Baytown Goose Creek Memorial

• Josh Del Bosque, Ball High

• Timothy Johnson, Santa Fe

• Logan Daniels, Baytown Goose Creek Memorial

• Jacob Mullins, Santa Fe

• Chase Ball, Baytown Goose Creek Memorial

• Dennis Cooper, Baytown Goose Creek Memorial

• Drew Croucher, Ball High

• T.J. Scott, Friendswood

• Brent Janak, Friendswood

• Stephen Neumann, Santa Fe

• Kyle Ott, Ball High

• Jordan Wood, Friendswood

• Justin Garza, Santa Fe

• Michael Dewey, Pearland Dawson


• Walker Williams, Friendswood

• Taylor Hildebrand, Santa Fe

• Gunner Hollier, Friendswood

• Nick Treybig, Friendswood

• Christian Dao, Friendswood

• Michael Jefferson, Pearland Dawson

• Austin Lord, Baytown Lee

• Nick Orewiler, Ball High

• Zack Powell, Texas City

• Justin Barker, Baytown Lee

• Riley Cooper, Texas City

• Jose Silva, Baytown Goose Creek Memorial

• Jake Simon, Ball High

• Jesse Miranda, Ball High

• Alex Reyna, Galena Park


26-2A All-District

Coach: Tony Cruz, East Bernard

Defensive MVP: Derrick Rucka, East Bernard

District MVP: Ty Slanina, East Bernard

Newcomer: Dylan Blackwell, Danbury

Offensive MVP: Brannon Larson, Danbury


• Jacob Vincek, East Bernard

• Grant Aschenbeck, East Bernard

• Garrett Polak, East Bernard

• Justin McGuire, East Bernard

• Riley Riojas, Boling

• Kolton Brockman, Danbury

• Kyle Hlavinka, East Bernard

• Nathan Hlavinka, East Bernard

• Kyle Kolafa, Wallis Brazos

• Ryan Moreno, Boling

• Hagan Vrazel, Danbury

• Cole Koeppen, East Bernard

• Spencer Seman, Danbury

• Kyle Smith, Boling

• Josh Vincek, East Bernard

• Willie Joe Fernandez, Wallis Brazos

• Tyler Blackwell, Danbury


• Ben Merecka, Boling

• Tony Combs, Hitchcock

• Phillip Wilson, Van Vleck

• Shawn Kubena, Wallis Brazos

• Lane Moore, Danbury

• Ryan Almanza, Altair Rice

• Marcus Garza, Danbury

• Dale Dostal, Wallis Brazos

• Joey Garcia, Boling

• Tyler Pagett, Danbury

• Jalen Parsons, Altair Rice

• Tyler Sulak, East Bernard

• Cullen Wiese, Altair Rice

• Zach Gasca, Altair Rice

• Mason Hobizal, Boling

• Jessie Nanes, Wallis Brazos

• Jaylon Tolbert, Boling

• Ryan Herrera, Boling

• Daniel Montgomery, Boling


24-1A All-District

Coach: Thad Taylor, High Island

Defensive MVP: Adrian Valencia, Evadale

MVP: Zach Barnard, Dallardsville Big Sandy

Newcomer: Colton Castilaw, Saratoga West Hardin

Offensive MVP: Walker Tolar, Dallardsville Big Sandy


• Brett Bussell, Spurger

• Matthew Akridge, Evadale

• Brady Ben, Hull-Daisetta

• Khalil Francis, Sabine Pass

• Colby Thompson, Evadale

• Jentry Weisinger, High Island

• Wes Williams, Evadale

• Michael Ballard, Evadale

• Dalton DeMoss, High Island

• Aaron Ford, Spurger

• Logan Hare, Evadale

• Calvin Ridge, Saratoga West Hardin

• Ethan Cherry, Dallardsville Big Sandy

• Hunter Jackson, Evadale

• Lane Kahla, High Island

• Keaton Smith, Evadale

• Cody Winkle, Spurger

• Avery Cherry, Dallardsville Big Sandy


TAPPS 7-3A All-District


•Jacob Smith, Bay Area Christian

•Skylar Finn, Beaumont Legacy

•Reagan Yates, Bay Area Christian

•Mitchell Allen, Logos Preparatory

•Connor Crow, Bay Area Christian

•Cooper Hicks, Logos Preparatory

•Ramiro Vela, Bay Area Christian

•Jacob Ross, Logos Preparatory

•Colton Marks, Baytown Christian

•Chance Nerf, Baytown Christian

•Harrison Sims, Beaumont Legacy


•Eric Start, Baytown Christian

•Jared Wiggins, Baytown Christian

•Tuck Brimberry, Beaumont Legacy

•Kyle Walker, Beaumont Legacy

•Marshall Allen, Logos Preparatory

•Stewart Williams, Logos Preparatory

•Matthew Treadwell, Bay Area Christian

•Britton Dickerson, Bay Area Christian


TAPPS 7-1A/2A All-District


•Keaton Sebesta, Brazosport Christian

•Noah Matthews, Pasadena First Baptist

•Nathan Alexander, Brazosport Christian

•Jordan Bascom, Brazosport Christian

•Brennan Isbell, Pasadena First Baptist

•Elijah Simon, Brazosport Christian

•Zack Key, Brazosport Christian

•Marco Pardo, Huntsville Alpha Omega Academy

•Nace Sweeney, Pasadena First Baptist

•Jacob Linford, Brazosport Christian

•Nathaniel Mayes, Conroe Covenant

•Jeremy Simon, Brazosport Christian

•Justin Viernes, O’Connell High School

•Caleb Rimato, Brazosport Christian

•Thomas Mills, Pasadena First Baptist


•Richard Jackson, Brazosport Christian

•Lane Smith, Huntsville Alpha Omega Academy

•Jacob Harding, Pasadena First Baptist

•Doug Begin, Tomball The Woodlands Prep

•Tanner Riden, Bellville Faith Academy

•Tucker Harris, Huntsville Alpha Omega Academy

•Cody Schneider, Pasadena First Baptist

•Harrison Gates, Pasadena First Baptist

•Tyler King, Pasadena First Baptist

•Taylor Iatin, Tomball The Woodlands Prep

•Jessie Rosales, Bellville Faith Academy

•Hayden Pratt, Conroe Covenant

•Robert Lynch, Conroe Covenant

•Conner Wilson, Conroe Covenant

•Blake Chapman, O’Connell High School


•Troy Herring, Bellville Faith Academy

•Matt Dillion, Bellville Faith Academy

•Josh Donnell, Brazosport Christian

•Austin Travis, Brazosport Christian

•Jacob Rogers, Tomball The Woodlands Prep

•Nathan Hsiao, Huntsville Alpha Omega Academy

•Mark Moscarelli, Pasadena First Baptist

•Sterling McIntosh, Pasadena First Baptist

•Jacob Smith, Pasadena First Baptist

•Kyler Roehling, Bellville Faith Academy

•Jeremy Bennet, Huntsville Alpha Omega Academy

•Jonathan Hansen, Conroe Covenant

•Nicholas Hatcher, Conroe Covenant

•Conner Bolleter, Conroe Covenant

•JuJuan Whitaker, O’Connel High School

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