FRIENDSWOOD – Friendswood’s athletic department got the proverbial storybook ending to its years as a 4A power with the University Interscholastic League announcing it topped the Lone Star Cup competition in class 4A for the third time in six years.

“Our Lone Star Cup competition will definitely move up a notch with Allen and The Woodlands and those boys,” Athletic Director Robert Koopmann said, referencing Friendswood’s debut at class 6A next season.

Each year in the UIL’s Lone Star Cup, schools are awarded points based on performance in all sports, as well as marching band and academics.

In addition to the trophy, the top scorer in each class’s standings receives a $1,000 scholarship.

Koopmann said it was consistent success across the board, not just very strong performances in a few categories, that was the key to Friendswood’s Lone Star Cup win.

“The beautiful thing about the Lone Star Cup is it covers all the sports and academics and fine arts,” Koopmann said. “So, it says a lot about our school and our community.”

Koopmann said that the scholarship typically goes to the athletic department’s general fund, and the trophy is usually presented to the school district during a ceremony in the fall.

The most recent Lone Star Cup standings before the final results were released had Friendswood in third place, but a late push from the performance of the baseball and softball teams plus the tabulation of academic performances pushed Friendswood to the top of the list, three points ahead of Dallas Highland Park.

Friendswood previously won the class 4A Lone Star Cup in 2009 and 2010.

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