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Gary Miller

Is winning that important?
Pro sports on TV are an intertainment venue. If the game is interesting it is a success. A boring win reduces the value of comercials. Last years Texans provided interesting games. Expect them to do it again, win or lose.


I would not walk across the street to see a NFL SUPERBOWL Let alone a regular
season game. I have and still will pack a cooler and drive over 100 miles to see TC OR LM play .....and by myself at that!! I just want what is pure before it gets commercialized and corrupted by money and greed!!! NFL is a bunch of rich billionires forever arguing and fighting with a bunch of rich millionires!!!

George Croix

I quit watching the Superbore when it stooped to 'wardrobe malfunctions'...
Trash in...trash out...
Now, a good college game....yessir...at least, until this latest idiocy about 'unionizing' college athletes ruins that, too...


I forgot to say, I would not walk across the street to see an NFL game even if I had a free ticket!!![smile].
Nawwww! Give me the Cougars,...Stings, Mustangs, Indians, Gators, Bulldogs, Wildcats any day over the Oilers or the Cowboys! Old Jerry Jones is the most selfish guy I know! He knows zero about football,...yet he continues to hold the Cowboys back by trying to prove he can be a general manager.I know it is his team, but there is still no excuse for his selfishness. The Cowboys deserves better,the fans deserves better, and they had better before he ran Jimmy Johnson off!

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