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While you’re out and about, look for members of the Ball High boys’ varsity golf team to congratulate for their third-place finish in the Galveston Ball Boys Varsity Spring Classic at Moody Gardens Golf Course. They are: Konnor Chapman, Bryson Bassett, Anthony Boening, Trey Termini, Jordan Kleinecke and Allen Hopkins. Also, Pano Koutrouvelis, Baine Schoenvogel, Brett Rutledge and Brant Schoenvogel.

Oh, and a special shout-out to Jordan Kleinecke for his individual third-place medal among 36 competitors.

Trivial pursuit

The PGA Tour’s Honda Classic ended regulation play with four players tied for the lead.

That’s not a first, but having four players each of whose name starts with an “R” was for the Honda, and is perhaps even a once and only for the Tour, period. Rory, Russell, Russell and Ryan put on quite a show.

More trivial

Google did not exist when Tiger Woods won his first major championship, but Golf Digest reports that Google Glass might have “the greatest impact on the near future’s technological innovation in the game.” The new technology, according to Assistant Editor Luke Kerr-Dineen, offers up, among other things, instant weather reports and provides shot yardages via voice command. My vote says it won’t catch on.

Most trivial

The PGA Tour and PGA of America are lobbying for the ban on anchored putters to include a grandfather period for recreational amateurs. Their justification is that the ban will “detract from the amateurs’ enjoyment of the game.” Really? How many players at your home course are using an anchored putter? C’mon, guys. Recreational amateurs are likely to just continue to use whatever putter they love, right up to that moment when they hate it and make a change.

Not at all trivial

Keep watching this column in the coming weeks to learn how golf, football and Johnny Manziel all add up to an opportunity for you to wager in pursuit of a yacht.

Be safe, on and off the course.

Gean Leonard is a columnist for The Daily News and can be reached at Gean.GDNgolf@gmail.com.

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