No doubt the Dallas Cowboys are going to miss their all-time sack leader DeMarcus Ware.

Not only for Ware’s obvious playing ability, but more so for his respected leadership, on and off the field alike, foes included.

True, Ware’s numbers dropped significantly the last two years, having recorded only six sacks in 2013.

But Ware’s persona as a field general and team player for nine seasons with Dallas remained a constant.

That showed even moments after Ware signed his new three-year, $30 million contract with the Denver Broncos.

Ware made sure he first paid gratitude to his former boss, coaches and teammates for giving him the opportunity to play for America’s Team.

“To Mr. (Jerry) Jones for gracefully letting me go out in the market and let me choose where I can finish my career at, I want to thank him for that,” Ware said. “And I want to wish my former teammates, coaches and just the Cowboys good luck in their season.”

It was exactly what Cowboys fans everywhere expected and wanted to hear from Ware to help ease the pain of bidding their beloved No. 94 farewell.

So, who can blame Ware for relocating less than 12 hours after jetting out of Dallas?

Twenty million of those dollars he was offered are guaranteed — no ifs, whats or whatevers.

At the same time, who can fault Jones for not forking out that kind of money for a player coming off surgery and having missed three games because of injury.

After all, Ware turns 32 in July.

Sad to admit, Jones made the right decision to let Ware go.

If the Cowboys would have kept him, it was going to cost them $12.75 million, and that comes to $2 million-plus per sack for last year’s mediocre production.

Not exactly a Kmart blue light special.

The good thing is Ware stayed away from the NFC East.

Now, let Ware chase down the likes of Tom Brady and Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers for a living, and not Tony Romo.

Like Ware’s agent, Pat Dye, said, “He’ll always be a Cowboy.”

Indeed, D-Ware will, white hat and all.

Manuel Moreno Jr. is a Galveston County Daily News sports correspondent/columnist and lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan.

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Gotta run your business weather it's football or Reliant Electrical Power! Somebody said long ago, "BUSINESS IS BUSINESS!!
Now as for missing Mr. Ware, well they already miss Roger Dodger, and have for many years too. They miss the great guard of many years ago, John Nyland! They miss Randy White, big,strong defensive lineman, so nothing to worry about here with Ware.
In my time on this earth, I've learned two things. You cannot "WHUP FATHER TIME," and you don't mess with.. "MOTHER NATURE!"
Having said all this, wishes to Mr. Ware and the Dallas Cowboys. Now before I sign off, I'd like to leave all the sports fans who are on the job, supposed to be working, being on the man's dime, but instead just hanging around the coffee pot talking sports, ...the TEXANS will find a way to mess that pick up! That is a given! That is the bad thing. The good thing is,... they will probably have a future HALL OF FAME player drafted in the seventh round or just walk onto their team. It has happened before,...and more than once to HOUSTON. [smile]

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