All-County Baseball 2013

Player of the Year: Dylan Ebbs, Santa Fe

Coach of the Year: Steve Hecker, Ball High


• Mark Skinner, Clear Falls

• Blake Chisolm, Clear Springs

• Adam Prentice, Clear Falls

• Josh Del Bosque, Ball High

• Jake Smith, Bay Area Christian

• Satchel McElroy, Clear Creek

• Drew Croucher, Ball High

• T.J. Scott, Friendswood

• Will Rose, Clear Creek

• Kyle Ott, Ball High

• Justin Viernes, O’Connell

• Mikie Gaudet, Clear Falls

• Dalton DeMoss, High Island


• Ramiro Vela, Bay Area Christian

• Marlin Chatman, Dickinson

• Timothy Johnson, Santa Fe

• Jentry Weisinger, High Island

• Reagan Yates, Bay Area Christian

• Michael Rohland, Clear Creek

• Logan Alexander, Dickinson

• Nick Orewiler, Ball High

• Max McElligott, Clear Springs

• Lane Kahla, High Island

• Jozef Rios, Clear Springs

• Braxton Hollenshead, Clear Springs

• Justin Garza, Santa Fe

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Felicia Benavides

How exactly are the players selected? And by who? Obviously not by stats and like everything else, I'm sure its has a lot to do with Politics!!


Probably so! [huh]

MG Tex

so the GDN SPorts team wants us to believe that there are at least 7 teams from GC small private schools are better players than some of those that received Div ! scholarships? Its sad to see how far this paper's sports section has fallen.

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