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MG Tex

That's a nice story. No matter if you are at the top or the bottom in wans and losses, what molds you for real life once you leave school are the habits when you are young. It sounds like this young man will be successful no matter what he does.

He is a great example of youth sports. Numbers - wise, the overwhelming majority will not play sports after the high school level. The ones that do, an even smaller percentage of them play professionally at any level.

So parents instill in them the importance of embracing the experience for what it is, and that what separates you in athletics and the real word is the work you put in when nobody is watching.

God bless this young man, and all those like him. I wish him all the best.

Keith Gray

mgtex, that is a pretty nice comment coming from the Wood… I would like to echo your statement… this world needs a lot more of these young men..

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