Thanks to those of you who shared your ideas about what the Galveston County 2.0 U.S. Open course should look like.

If you forgot to email me, it’s almost too late, as course design is in the final phase. The window of opportunity slams shut tonight.

What a charge

On May 21, Bruce Van Lerberghe smacked a perfect 101-yard shot at the fourth hole at Moody Gardens. Witnessing the “A” wedge thing of beauty were Larry Poe, Gary Potter and ol’ Badge Buddy Randy Burrows. An island resident and MGGC employee, Bruce gets to enjoy a peek at the hole and relive the shot until the next one comes along.

Charge, please

A few weeks back, I reversed my golf cart from the garage, turned it to point toward the golf course, stepped on the accelerator and — it died. That’s kind of the good news; my wife had canceled her round a day earlier, which would have turned this inconvenience into an on-course catastrophe. The really good news is only one battery needed to be replaced. It came back charged and ready to roll, with my backside (wallet) just a little lighter.

Mid-round Sunday, I pointed my yardage gizmo at the flag on the 16th hole and depressed the laser button and — it died. A trip to Walgreen’s and just more than a sawbuck later, I dropped the new charge into the gizmo, confident that next round I’d again know precisely how far I would not be hitting my approach shots.

Cash can solve some of a golfer’s problems; however, most of us don’t have enough of it to buy better swings. And talent, it seems, is not for sale.


Allen Plagens, formerly course superintendent at Panther Trail in The Woodlands, is now on board at South Shore Harbour, according to GM Kenn Depew. Plagens arrived just in time to oversee the Sunday (or so) shutdown of the Shore nine for serious renovation. All this is in addition to the 2 1/2 year improvements schedule, which includes converting greenside bunkers on all three nines to PermaBunker.

Be safe, on and off the course.

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Gary Miller

Most of us don’t have enough of it to buy better swings.
The only way to BUY a better swing is taking lessons from a good pro.
Practicing a bad swing just won't get it done.

Stuart Crouch

'Just now getting around to this, but shame on you for not mentioning something about the passing of Mike Weaver last month. A true gentleman and one of the nicest people you will ever meet on a driving range. 'Pretty sure he was a former Club Champ at Texas City and maybe another local venue or two. The guy was an awesome striker of the ball & had a swing/tempo as syrupy as molasses. There's more to golf in this county than high school results, the Old Fart Opens and whatever is happening at Snot Nose Harbor. Just sayin' [beam]

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