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Keith Gray

I haven't seen a game that exciting since the BWood vs. Creek games in 08 and 09... Great Job Indians... it should be another tight one tonight, and I hope to see the same support for both teams show up.

I can't think of anything better on a Friday night (well if you are over 50) to do than to come out and support and watch a great baseball game.

Outstanding performance by both pitchers (Holder was elite), and by Preston P. at the plate.

Robert Buckner

I'd guessed this would be a great series. Good luck to all teams seeking to advance in the playoffs.


Listen, I want to see more support for those SF girls on this forum!!! Boys is doing alright,....but Suseri 'nem need that support! Who is the reigning Duke Of Smack this year? I want to talk to that FAKE!!!! What's his name? ( is it that DC guy? )
Ohhhh, I'm just playing! Where is the third game for the girls going to be held,...I got to make plans? See yall don't know the drawbacks to having an entourage following you around! Watch us go out there tonight and drop BH like a bad habit!

Robert Buckner

That Barbers Hill team wasn't ranked #1 in the state on a coin flip. Those SF ladies need to get double tough these next two games. Go Indians!

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