Congratulations to Friendswood Mustangs Robert Todd, Bryce Dooley, Daniel Bradley, Aron Hetsko and Harrison Slone and good wishes as they vie for the first team championship at the state finals.

Congratulations also to Santa Fe Indian Dylan Kilgore on his hole-in-one at the 145-yard 17th hole on the Evergreen Point course during District 24-4A play. The perfect shot with a 7-iron was witnessed and enjoyed by Tommy Smith, Derek Newman and Frankie Foltyn.

Sock it to me?

Revolution Golf CEO Justin Tupper said Kentwood golf socks are “upping my competitive edge and making the game…more enjoyable than ever before.” With the 15 percent off coupon I received by email, I can order from a rainbow of colors the Low Profile, Tour Standard, Tour Profile or Low Profile “Skinny” socks; or, I can choose the limited edition U.S.A. sock. They’re all backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, including the solid, striped and argyle styles. If you shell out $19.95 to experiment with the socks, please let me know.

Socked it to me

Opinions vary as to whose responsibility among a group of golfers it is to return the flagstick to the hole upon completion of play. I know that and should have been leery when Ed Biles, my foursome’s octogenarian and former Houston Oilers head coach, walked toward me, flagstick in hand, and asked me how much I thought the thing weighed. Not really caring, but not wanting to be rude, I confessed my lack of knowledge, to which Coach replied: “I didn’t think so; you haven’t picked one up all day!”

Hook, line and sinker

It was all in fun, as was our entire day as guests at the Moody Gardens Golf Course Media Day. But the showstopper was the coach’s tee shot at the par 3 17th hole, which lipped out for an ace.

Thanks to Josh Buckley, Bill Pushak and Rick Christ for hosting media types from around the state.

Be safe, on and off the course.

Gean Leonard is a columnist for The Daily News and can be reached at

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