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Lars Faltskog

Sam Jr.'s father seems to be a very supportive individual and he shouldn't worry about others' picking apart of what he says about his son. Folks will do that, it's human nature. Which leads me to this pickin' and a grinnin' - the last quote:

"Once he gets on the field and hits (someone) once, they won’t think he’s gay.” - Well, that implies that male aggression in the sports world is to only be deemed in a heterosexual manner. Truth is, force and power in the aggresive sports sense is not sexual by any means. The sports' high contact sports, whether they be boxing, football, etc) have to do with power and force. A "gay" can be just as powerful and forceful as a "straight".

Similarily, the forcible rape that unfortunately bestows upon individuals is done in the vein of a different type of power and force. As it is said, forcible rape is not sexual attraction. It is a weilding of power, and is not sexual.

Stephen Maradeo

Of course he can always move 200 miles away to avoid responsibility.

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