For the second consecutive year, The Daily News will publish its own U.S. Open layout, using holes from Galveston County golf courses.

This is your chance to play golf course architect by nominating your favorite — or most despised — holes, making any design changes you feel appropriate, and sending them for consideration using the email address at the top of the column.

Please get them in by Sunday.

Hole this one

Sam Houston Bearkat Brent Truehart probably lists the par-3 fourth hole at Moody Gardens Golf Club as his current, if not all-time, favorite.

On May 10, in the company of proud John Truehart, Larry Poe and ol’ badge buddy Richard Gonzales, Brent stroked a smooth 9-iron from the tee box and watched as it covered 124 beautiful yards, coming to rest comfortably at the bottom of the cup.

Whole health

Someone in your foursome is in pain; usually the culprit is a shoulder, a knee or — quite often — the lower back.

Someone else in the group is likely to be quick to offer up some tablet or capsule to help provide relief; discussion inevitably will follow as to which pain reliever or anti-inflammatory works best.

Soon after comes the dreaded “S” word — surgery.

In his column last week, Dr. Michael Warren suggested that alternative medicine become a part of the conversation, with the caveat that not all treatment modes work for all people, even if they have similar symptoms.

One such mode he referenced is acupuncture, and I am a proselytizer.

It was very effective for pain management in the last year before I had the total knee replacement, allowing me to stop ingesting increasingly greater numbers of pills.

But the wow factor for me came when my lower back tired of poor golf swings and just refused to play anymore.

One acupuncture treatment gave me some relief, and a second got me back to putting and chipping.

Now, I go for treatment at the first hint of discomfort. Try it.

Be safe, on and off the course.

Gean Leonard is a columnist for The Daily News and can be reached at

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