Friendswood’s girls soccer players dominated the District 43-4A All-District selections including MVP, Defensive Player, Goalie and Coach of the Year.

In 24-5A Clear Springs and Clear Falls each had six first teamers in All-District selections.

The Chargers’ Michaela Mencacci, who is set to play college soccer at Stephen F. Austin, was named 24-5A’s MVP, while the Lady Mustangs’ junior Taylor Rue was the MVP for 43-4A.

Offensive Player of the Year in 5A girls soccer was Clear Falls Leah Draper, while her teammate, Coral Gordy, was named the co-defensive player of the year with Clear Springs Danielle Patterson.

Goal Keeper of the Year for the county’s 5A district was Brianna Lovett of Clear Creek. The top coach in 24-5A was Dickinson’s Lisa Manis.

In 43-4A, Santa Fe’s Sierra Peloquin was the top offensive player as picked by the district coaches, while defensive honors went to Friendswood senior Cortlyn Buck.

Goalkeeper of the Year is Lady Mustangs’ sophomore goalie Klaryssa Heussmann.

The district’s newcomer of the year is also a sophomore, Santa Fe’s Angel Cohen. Friends-wood coach Laura Peter was named the district’s top coach.

The Lady Mustangs advanced to the state semifinals last week.

24-5A All-District girls soccer

MVP: Michaela Mencacci, senior, F/CM, Clear Springs

OFFENSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Leah Draper, senior, MF, Clear Falls

DEFENSE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR: Coral Gordy, senior, D, Clear Falls; Danielle Patterson, senior, CD, Clear Springs

GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR: Brianna Lovett, senior, GK, Clear Creek

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: Katie Gowing, freshman, MF, Clear Lake

COACH OF THE YEAR: Lisa Manis, Dickinson

FIRST TEAM: Anna Hughes, senior, Clear Springs; Lexie LeBlanc, sophomore, Clear Springs; Lauryn Rutherford, sophomore, Clear Springs; Megan Friend, junior, Clear Springs; Christina Hidalgo, sophomore, Clear Springs; Maddie Huerta, senior, Clear Falls; Emma Stahr, senior, Clear Falls; Alli Watson, sophomore, Clear Falls; Abby Wilson, senior, Clear Falls; Carolina Dunbar, senior, Clear Creek; Alison Wilkes, sophomore, Clear Creek; Denise Salinas, senior, Dickinson; Jessica Clark, senior, Dickinson; Ariana Ebert, senior, Clear Lake; Delaney Morrow, senior, Clear Lake; Dayla Larocque, junior, Clear Lake; Caitlyn Costello, senior, Clear Lake; Elyse Lesco, senior, Brazoswood; Emmi Tate, senior, Brazoswood; Allysa Bowers, junior, Brazoswood; Karina Martinez, junior, Clear Brook; and Melanie Lopez, senior, Clear Brook.

SECOND TEAM: Katie Anderson, junior, Clear Springs; Calista Alvarez, sophomore, Clear Springs; Jessica Jones, sophomore, Clear Springs; Leslie Maxson, sophomore, Clear Springs; Kirsten Zamarripa, sophomore, Clear Springs; Molly Dean, junior, Clear Falls; Ashley Mora, junior; Clear Falls; Hannah Odegard, senior, Clear Falls; Alex Sheppard, senior, Clear Falls; Alexis Schnieder, senior, Clear Lake; Blair Haygood, senior, Clear Lake; Hannah Penley, freshman, Clear Lake; Shelby Inbody, junior, Clear Lake; Taylor Knapp, senior, Brazoswood; Carrye Funk, senior, Brazoswood; Kalli Kiefer, sophomore, Brazoswood; Kate Bentley, freshman, Clear Creek; Hannah Burwell, junior, Clear Creek; Natalie Loupe, sophomore, Clear Brook; Olivia Cain, senior, Clear Brook; Keelee Cibulski, sophomore, Dickinson; and Emilie Watkins, sophomore, Dickinson.

HONORABLE MENTION: Hailey Burke. freshman, Clear Springs; Hanna Lowery, sophomore, Clear Springs; Hannah Jones, sophomore, Clear Springs; Courtney Harris, junior, Clear Falls; Gina Nigro, junior, Clear Falls; Marta Wojtkowski, junior, Clear Falls; Melinda Gidlow, senior, Clear Lake; Brook Jennings, senior, Clear Lake; Kelsey Phillips, senior, Brazoswood; Perla Jauregui, sophomore, Brazoswood; Lindsey Thomson, sophomore, Brazoswood; Katie Reny, senior, Clear Creek; Allison Medina, senior, Clear Creek; Olivia Wright, senior, Clear Creek; Allison Pinchbeck, junior, Clear Brook; Courtney Eck, junior, Clear Brook; Katherine Schenkel, senior, Clear Brook; Tatum Jackson, sophomore, Dickinson; Madeline DeLeon, sophomore, Dickinson; Kierra Stearns, sophomore, Dickinson; and Valerie Sauceda, senior, Dickinson.

43-4A All-District girls soccer

MVP: Taylor Rue, junior, Friendswood

OFFENSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Sierra Peloquin, senior, Santa Fe

DEFENSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Cortlyn Buck, senior, Friendswood

GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR: Klaryssa Heussmann, sophomore, Friendswood

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: Angel Cohen, sophomore, Santa Fe

COACH OF THE YEAR: Laura Peter, Friendswood

FIRST TEAM: Rachel Ballew, junior, Santa Fe; Gabby Caradec, senior, Ball High; Zoe Cole, senior, Friendswood; Jordan Crippin, junior, Santa Fe; Alison DeVries, senior, Santa Fe; Emily Greenough, senior, Santa Fe; Barbara, Haycraft, Pearland Dawson; Maddy Kimmel, senior, Friendswood; Megan Mai, sophomore, Friendswood; Jamie McCullough, senior, Friendswood; Demi Schlageter, senior, Texas City; Anna Sigler, senior, Texas City; Vanessa Velasquez, senior, Texas City; Selina Vickery, sophomore, Friendswood.

SECOND TEAM: Sammie Baker, senior, Santa Fe; Caitlyn Bilbre, junior, Santa Fe; Bryanna Branch, senior, Texas City; Cierra Cantu, senior, Galveston Ball; Cassidy Chambers, senior, Santa Fe; Tania Cruz, Freshman, Pearland Dawson; Madi Fang, senior, Friendswood; Abbie Harrelson, freshman, Pearland Dawson; Maddie Hensarling, senior, Texas City; Sarah Mai, junior, Friendswood; Maret Moran, junior, Friendswood; Kira Perez, senior, Texas City; Kindra Shaver, junior, Santa Fe; Rhiannon Suffield, sophomore, Friendswood; and Rachel Truong, senior, Friendswood.

HONORABLE MENTION: Samantha Blair, senior, Galveston Ball; Haley Chittenden, senior, Texas City; Amber Gajevsky, sophomore, Pearland Dawson; Kyndal Kennedy, senior, Santa Fe; Raegan Ledbetter, sophomore, Pearland Dawson; Maria-Alicia Longoria, senior, Galveston Ball; Anna Moore, junior, Friendswood; Casie Ogden, senior, Pearland Dawson; Maddie Rozycki, sophomore, Santa Fe; Kori Schimming, freshman, Friendswood; Olivia Sjostrom, junior, Galveston Ball; Amy Sonnier, senior, Texas City; Taylor Thiem, junior, Texas City; and Hunter Tyson, junior, Santa Fe.

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