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We going to Angleton tomorrow night and we are not going down there to take prisoners either! That's all I know!!!! The Stings will be pumped up for that game so ......LOOK OUTTTTTT.....WILDCATS!!!!!
Losing is not an option! We will lead off the scoring and keep OLD "MO" on our side until the last whistle blows!!!! My Rep is on the line here and word on the streets is the kids over there knows it!!!

George Croix

I haven't been to a girls softball game since my daughter stopped playing.
I should re-start.
It was both a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.
The only unpleasant part was listening to the bleacher team play the game from the stands.
Now that I can't hear worth squat without electronics, maybe I can just turn them all off... [beam][beam]

Robert Buckner

If JBG is getting this pumped up about softball then what will happen when football starts?
Good luck to all the county's ladies in the playoffs!

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