HOUSTON — Don’t be mistaken by Fort Bend Bush’s 52-42 win over Dickinson on Tuesday night. While the double-digit deficit ended the Lady Gators’ season with an 18-13 record, Dickinson pushed the Lady Broncos most of the contest.

“I think both teams played the same game the whole way,” said Dickinson head coach Felicia Comeaux. “We just didn’t do a very good job of making free throws, and in a close game like this, that’s going to matter.”

Dickinson made just four of 11 free-throw attempts in the fourth quarter, which dented any hopes of pulling off an upset of the favored Lady Broncos, who were able to make 11 of their 16 attempts in the final eight minutes.

The Lady Gators scored the game’s first seven points and took a 14-11 lead entering the second quarter, yet sputtered offensively, managing just four points, and trailed 23-18 at intermission.

“We just got away from our game plan,” said Comeaux.

Dickinson tied the score at 27 on a 3-pointer from Jada Woodard with 2:34 left in the third, but a ensuing trey from Fiath Ohanta gave Bush the lead for good.

Kandyce Rollins led the Lady Gators with 12 points and had six rebounds, while Woodard had 10 points and five boards.

Crystal Chidormere led all scorers with 20 for the Lady Broncos, who narrowly won the rebounding clash, 28-24.

“We’re going to be a young team next year, but we’ll be ready,” said Comeaux.


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