Ohhhh, mama! What a week! We had 12 teams go out and six came back victorious. We had barn-burners and nail-biters, blowouts and man-handlings.

In all, it was a week to remember. Here’s our list of the hottest teams in Galveston County.

1. Texas City

Last week: 1

The Stings fought off Friendswood 45-37 in their toughest test of the year. Texas City (6-0 overall, 3-0 in District 24-4A) showed it can take a punch in the mouth, stay on its feet and then deliver a haymaker of its own.

2. Clear Creek

Last week: 2

The Wildcats (6-1) are a perfect 3-0 in District 24-5A play thanks to a 51-7 demolition of Dickinson. Clear Creek sprinted to an early lead and never stopped running, rolling to 478 yards of total offense in the game. Clear Creek’s defense also claimed three fumbles.

3. Clear Falls

Last week: 9

The Knights (4-3, 2-1) picked up a big District 24-5A win with a 37-14 victory over Clear Brook. Figuring largely were four interceptions, two of which went pick-6.

4. La Marque

Last week: 8

The Cougars showed the rumors of their demise were grossly exaggerated when they took out Sweeny 17-10 in the District 24-3A opener for both teams.

5. Bay Area Christian

Last week: 6

The Broncos (3-3) took out Cypress Christian 16-8 in the TAPPS District 6-III opener. The low-scoring contest showed the high-powered Broncos can win a defensive-minded contest, too.

6. Ball High

Last week: unranked

The Tors (2-4, 2-1) notched their second win in three weeks with a 35-34 squeak-by of Santa Fe. The Tors exploded for 307 aerial yards in the contest.

7. Friendswood

Last week: 3

The Mustangs (4-2, 2-1) hung in with Texas City, one of the state’s best Class 4A teams, and did it with defense, special teams and a passing game that wouldn’t say die.

8. Santa Fe

Last week: 10

The Indians fell to Ball, but stayed strong to the end, outscoring the Tors 20-0 in the fourth quarter.

9. Clear Springs

Last week: 4

The Chargers were off this week, but stay in the top 10 as they look toward this Friday’s District 24-5A face-off with Clear Lake.

10. High Island

Last week: unranked

The Cardinals fell to Faith West Academy 48-36, but put a lot of points on the board.

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MG Tex

Let's see, Springs drops 5 places after not even playing, Fwd drops 4 after going to to toe with one of the State's best 4A teams, SF gains two places after losing to Ball, and BAC is still right in the middle ahead of all those teams .... Each week I look to see if the GDN "Sports" department can out crazy themselves. This once really good section of a very good paper has gone downhill so fast the last year ... I used to enjoy the feedback of the loyal fans of GC HS sports teams ... I know THEY haven't left, but the quality of the reporting of one of the best sports counties in the state sure has ...


Good points mgtex!

Keith Gray

we lost by one freakin point... [sad] I would have rather not been ranked at all... Go SF!!!

MG Tex

@ Keith ... I hope you arent interpreting my comments as a disrespect of the Indians ... My point was that the GDN Sports department has nearly completely fallen apart over the last year or two. The last several years there were sprited debates, self promotion, sideline live interactive blogs, actual prizes for the pigskin picks, and in depth coverage by a very active staff. Now we get a feel good power ranking every week that shows the current sports staff is out of touch with GC HS sports.

And by the way, I believe FW knows the feeling of fighting like crazy to comeback, only to lose by one point (At SF 3 years ago ..). It sows the character of the kids in the SF program ... Keep backing those Indians!

Keith Gray

mgtex, it's all good...[beam]

John Coffey

I was at the game Friday night against TC and Friendswood. It was a well fought game by both teams. But it was a little tacky on the Friendswood side after TC got a field goal and then FW came back and scored a touchdown, the whole side of FW started chanting Over-rated, Over-rated, talking about TC...well that was not what ended up happening in the end. Granted FW put up a hell of a fight, but the better team won in the end.


MG Tex

My favorite thing to do when there is trash talking on the field or in the stands ... Win the game, have more points on the scoreboard and walk off the field with class. TC is a special football team this year, and I wish them look throughout the playoffs.


FW ( Da Wood ) is always tough,...even when we were playing them! There should always be SMACK in football too! I mean clean SMACK,..nothing wrong with that. FW is still growing and will probably outgrow 4A if not this year then in a few years down the road.
I heard the TC Assistant AD say that they enjoy playing FW because it is always a hard fought, tough game, and if FW does move up,..that is a game they will definitely want to keep as a non-district game. I see FW isd as another Clear Creek ISD in size. People are still moving to that area. I won't even mention academics,...that speaks for itself.
TC is another district which has pulled it all together and is taking off. I have not seen this kind of team since Dowling was here,..and that new Superintendent knows what she is doing over there. That big running back is very exciting to watch and that boy Lynch is out of this world,...not to mention Amanti and Allen! It is almost unfair to have them on the same team! FW stood tall though, and you have to give it to them. That game will make both teams better for it having been played!
BTW, the CC Wildcats are raising four kids of hell in 5A this year,...keep your eyes on them! They are going deep this year in the post season! Hey yall, don't forget about those old LM Cougars, we'll be back! Fact is I got a play I'm fixing to seem Jack'nem!
I Wiggle,...54 Cheater...34 switchblade,...counter 11 pitch.....student body right!
I won't go into particulars, for obvious reasons. This play will help LM win the coveted State 3A title!


Corrections*******4th paragraph
BTW, the CC Wildcats are raising four kids of hell in 5A this year,...( should have been)..
BTW, the CC Wildcats are raising four KINDS of hell in 5A this year....

George Croix

High school football is not much different from Little League or Girl's Fastpitch Softball The players on the field are just trying to play a game and show their talent, about 80% of the fans in the stands are showing their support, and about 20% in the stands just have to show their backsides.

Melvin Herrmann

The biggest problem with SF is that with the coaches, it is "Daddy Ball". You have boys that are always on the field and then the ones that in 6 games get to be on the field for 5 snaps total. These boys go practice daily and on Saturdays, miss out on time with their families/girlfriends etc for the love of playing football to sit on the sidelines. You have parents that pay the sports fee that is being charged now for their kids to sit on the sidelines. Parents buy tickets to games home and away, spend the time driving to and from games and using gas to go see their kids play and you watch them sit on the sidelines! Coach Buckner and Coach Sheppard need to just go and them bring in new coaches who will look at the talent and not let it be about who you know and all that jazz!!!

Keith Gray



Well some kids work harder than other kids but I will say this if you win 0-2 games a yr it is time for a change


I wonder if that DC Smack-Talker is up there helping to shut the government down? This looks like some of his work. I'm going to call some folks and check up on him!

Robert Buckner

Whatever he's up to, rest assured it is no good.

George Croix

While I would agree that there are instances of favoritism and bad judgement calls showing their ugly heads in children's sports, all too often, it's also a fact that as the kiddies get older, and especially once high school level is reached, there is more to the games than just showing up and wearing a uniform.
The object becomes to win, not just play.
In that, it emulates life as it actually is, not as we want it to be. The winners...win.
As a rule, the rewards of improvement, extra effort, and excellence go to those doing them, just like in life. Unfortunately, but realistically, not everyone is everyone else's equal. Or superior. One size does not fit all.
One of the worst things that's been allowed to take hold is that everyone deserves the same reward just for showing up. Get a trophy for being the worst same as for the best.
That should be considered child abuse, not care and concern, because it TOTALLY prepares a child for an expectation of the same reward for less in the future.
Try that on you boss!!
If anyone knows of and can prove that a taxpayer paid coach is intentionally benching better players just because he wants his buddies kids to paly, then take your evidence to the School Board or to an Attorney.
I don't doubt that such can happen, but it has to be proven beyond bleacher gossip and speculation.
Onw onders why any coach at a high school level would risk his job by not doing all that he can to WIN, which is what he was hired, by the taxpayers, to do in the first place.


Mr Buckner,..if the man wanted drop out of the Smack Talk Assoc,... hey I can understand that,...but he should have talked to the DUKE OF SMACK, and let him know how good a job the DUKE was doing before he quit,... is all I'm saying!
I don't like what he did,....no sir,....I don't like it Ahh Tall!!! I tried to play it off, but I might have to take some time and go up to DC, and demand my props! [wink]
I can catch him up around the capitol now that Senator Cruz, has allowed him to go back to work. [smile]

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